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The Benefits of Expiring Name Badges

Are you still using generic name tags purchased from the office supply store? While fine for informal gatherings, plain name tags are not appropriate for corporations, schools, warehouses, hospitals, medical centers, and other settings where visitor security is a concern.

Expiring name badges are a much better choice. Expiring name tags can be used with label printers or with a marker to create temporary name badges. They have a chemical agent that, once activated, will gradually change color over the course of 24 hours. When you first issue expiring name badges, they look like any other printed name tag and your visitors are free to conduct their business. By the next day, the badges have changed color and the word "VOID" appears.

By using expiring name badges, visitors cannot reuse their previously issued name tags. Not only that, your staff no longer needs to collect name badges as visitors exit your premises.

Expiring name badges are ideal for:

  • School security — Make sure that all visitors including parents, volunteers, guest speakers, visiting nurses, and vendors have badges that automatically expire.
  • Hospital security — Expiring name tags can provide another layer of security, ensuring that previously used and discarded visitor's badges cannot be recovered and reused.
  • Business security — Eliminate the need to collect visitors badges as visitors leave by using expiring name badges.
  • Event security — Issue one-day backstage passes, all access passes, and beer and wine garden passes for multi-day events with expiring name tags. Attendees can enjoy the event's amenities all day long, but will not be able to game the system the next day because their passes will automatically have the word "Void" emblazoned on them 24 hours later.

DuraFast Label Company carries rolls and sheets of expiring name tags for Seiko SLP610 and Seiko SLP650 thermal label printers. If you want to print full color expiring name tags with your Primera LX400 color name tag printer, we have a version produced specifically for the LX400. Browse our selection of expiring name badges and start creating expiring photo IDs, name badges, visitors badges, all-access passes, and other time-sensitive labels.