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Zebra Mobile Printers and Labelers 

When you need a mobile printer or labeler, the Zebra brand should be at the top of your list. Zebra offers several families of mobile printers including portable printers for printing receipts, labels, and tags in retail, warehousing, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and transportation environments.

DuraFast Label Company has one of the largest selections of Zebra printers and labelers on the web! With Zebra, GoDex, TSC, Printronix, and SATO brands available for purchase, you are sure to find the best mobile printer for your needs.

What are Mobile Printers Typically Used For?

Zebra mobile printers can help increase efficiency in your business, especially when your employees must take their work on the go or move from one location to another frequently. Mobile printers are commonly used for printing:

  • Inventory tags
  • Shelf-edge labels
  • Markdown labels
  • Return labels
  • Pick-and-pack labels
  • Cycle count labels and tags
  • Mobile point-of-sale receipts
  • Delivery notices
  • Mobile blood specimen labels
  • Breast milk labels
  • Airline and transportation baggage labels
  • Parking citations
  • Supply chain traceability
  • And much more...

Zebra mobile printers use direct thermal print technology, so there's no ink or toner to worry about. Since they can be powered by batteries, you don't need to plug them in for power either. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options allow you to print from a smartphone or tablet. Plus, they are lightweight and compact for easy transport from one place to the next.

Our mobile barcode printers and labelers are manufactured by Zebra, SATO, TSC, Printronix, and GoDex are built for business, offering advanced features such as long-lasting battery power, durability, and remote management for maximum efficiency and security. Mobile RFID printers are also available. For example, with a Zebra mobile RFID printer, users can easily print and encode RFID labels on demand for secure, reliable tracking and identification.

Innovations in Mobile Printing

As the world of mobile printers continues to grow, so does Zebra's product line. For example, one recent innovation in Zebra's ZQ600 mobile printer line is its advanced battery technology with instant "wake on" status that ensures that your mobile printer is always ready. Zebra's PowerPrecision batteries provide an integrated view of battery health which display battery power (remaining battery capacity) and battery health ratings (the battery's ability to hold a full charge).

Another innovation is its instant wakeup over Wi-Fi for instant connectivity over 802.11 Wi-Fi. Zebra ZQ600 printers feature Print DNA, a robust set of development, productivity, management, and visibility tools for a superior mobile printing experience.

Each of the mobile printer and labelers we sell, whether from Zebra, GoDex, SATO, TSC, Printronix, or another brand, is built to provide you with reliable and efficient printing on the go. These are leading brands that provide reliable performance and value.

Whether you need a mobile printer to print barcodes, labels, receipts or tags for retail, warehousing, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare or transportation environments - Zebra, SATO, TSC, Printronix, and GoDex have the best solution for you. The right mobile printer for your business is only a few clicks away! Contact us today to learn more. We're happy to answer all of your questions or help you choose the best mobile printer or labeler for your specific application.