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Godex G300/G330 Thermal Transfer Ribbons with 1/2" Core

Looking for high-quality thermal transfer ribbons for your Godex G300 or G330 thermal barcode label printer? Look no further than our selection of Zebra ribbons with 1/2" cores. These ribbons are specially designed to work seamlessly with your printer, providing crisp, clear, and durable printing results with every label. Available in a variety of widths and formulations including wax, wax/resin, and resin, these ribbons are perfect for a wide range of labeling applications. And with our fast shipping and competitive prices, you can get the ribbons you need to keep your labeling operation running smoothly and efficiently. Shop our selection today!

What is the difference between godex wax ribbon and godex resin ribbon?

The primary difference between Godex wax ribbon and Godex resin ribbon is the durability of the printed label.

Wax ribbons are made with a wax-based ink and are generally the most cost-effective option. They are ideal for printing on paper or matte label materials, and are suitable for short-term labeling applications such as shipping labels, warehouse labeling, and retail labeling. Wax ribbons provide good print quality and are generally smudge-resistant, but are not as durable as resin ribbons.

Resin ribbons, on the other hand, are made with a resin-based ink and are much more durable than wax ribbons. They are ideal for printing on synthetic label materials such as polyester or polypropylene, and are suitable for long-term labeling applications such as asset tracking, chemical labeling, and outdoor labeling. Resin ribbons provide excellent print quality and are highly resistant to smudging, scratching, and fading. However, they are generally more expensive than wax ribbons.

Wax/resin ribbons are a combination of wax-based and resin-based inks, providing a balance between durability and cost-effectiveness. They are ideal for printing on a wide variety of label materials, including both paper and synthetic materials. Wax/resin ribbons offer good resistance to smudging and scratching, and can provide a longer lifespan than wax ribbons. However, they are not as durable as resin ribbons, and may not be suitable for certain high-demand labeling applications. Wax/resin ribbons are often used in industries such as logistics, retail, and manufacturing, where a combination of print quality and durability is needed for labeling.

Top Selling Godex G300 Thermal Transfer Ribbons

SKU Type Size (W x L) Rolls/Case Price/Roll
39249 Wax (Premium) 2.52" x 243 Feet 12  $      1.80
39248 Wax/Resin 2.52" x 243 Feet 12  $      2.80
39232 Resin 2.52" x 243 Feet 12  $      4.00
39159 Wax (Premium) 3.30" x 243 Feet 12  $      2.30
39192 Wax/Resin 3.30" x 243 Feet 12  $      4.00
39233 Resin 3.30" x 243 Feet 12  $      5.30
39078 Wax 4.33" x 243 Feet 12  $      2.10
39160 Wax (Premium) 4.33" x 243 Feet 12  $      3.00
39190 Wax/Resin 4.33" x 243 Feet 12  $      4.00
39234 Resin 4.33" x 243 Feet 12  $      6.00