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Direct Thermal Linerless Labels

DuraFast Label Company manufactures linerless media for linerless label printers such as GoDEX DT4L, Epson TM-L90 and Epson TM-T88, and Zebra linerless printers.

What is linerless media? Labels typically arrive on rolls with a paper liner backing. When you’re ready to apply the labels, you peel them off the liner and then discard the liner. Linerless labels, like the name implies, do not have a liner. They are wound onto each other, much like a roll of cellophane tape. However, because there’s no liner covering the adhesive, you can’t use linerless labels in most printers.

But there are specially designed linerless label printers that work with linerless media. The labels do not stick to the printer, platens, label cutter, and other mechanisms because these components are made from special materials or have coatings that do not stick to the label’s exposed adhesive.

Advantages of linerless label printing include:

-    Improved efficiencies

-    Quick label application

-    Reduced waste

-    Available on continuous label rolls, allowing for more labels per roll

-    Repositionable adhesives allow for removing and reapplying labels as needed

DuraFast Linerless Media for Popular Linerless Label Printers

We manufacture linerless media for all of the popular linerless label printers on the market including the GoDEX DT4L thermal label printer, Zebra linerless printers, Epson linerless printers and more. Because there is no liner, all DuraFast linerless media is offered on continuous label rolls. We offer linerless media in a variety of widths. Our DT4L linerless labels typically come on a 1.0-inch core and have a max outside diameter up to 5 inches. We also have permanent and removable adhesive available.

Below is a partial list of the linerless label printers we have linerless media for:

-    TSC Alpha-2R linerless printers

-    Digi Zebra Bizerba Electronic Scale Printer

-    Zebra ZQ310 linerless Printer

-    Zebra ZQ520 portable linerless label printer

-    Zebra ZQ610 portable linerless printer and Zebra ZQ610 healthcare linerless printer

-    Zebra ZQ620 portable linerless printer

-    Zebra QLn420 portable linerless printer

-    Intermec PB32 direct thermal portable linerless printer

-    Intermec PB50 portable linerless label printer

-    SATO CL408NX linerless printer (WWCL00461)

-    SATO PW2NX linerless printer

-    Toshiba B-FV4D linerless printer

-    Datamax RL3e linerless printer

-    Epson TM-L90 linerless printer

-    Epson TM-T88 linerless printer

-    GoDEX DT4L linerless printer

Custom Linerless Media

Need custom linerless labels? We can make custom linerless labels in custom sizes and with various adhesives upon request.