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A company can create durable and legible prepared food labels with a Primera LX900 color label printer.Printing prepared food labels entails an enormous amount of responsibility in displaying and maintaining vital forms of information correctly. For example, businesses that are involved in production or distribution must make sure that a particular product's health and nutrition data is legible and accurate. The suggested serving size and list of ingredients must also be clear, as it will allow businesses to avoid government fines by complying with federal and state regulations.

But it is not enough to simply pick a sticker, write a description and place it on the side of a box or container. Without the necessary dedication, a company could overlook one of the requirements for food labels.

How do I choose the right prepared food labels?

In preparing and printing unique food labels for canned goods, events, holiday parties, or even gift baskets, manufacturers and food distributors must utilize tools that are appropriate and capable of ensuring the integrity of each applied label.

Not only should labels attract the consumer's attention through their aesthetics, but they must also reflect various health information. Therefore, printing all prepared food labels in-house guarantees high-quality and readable labels, while also affording businesses new opportunities for reducing overhead costs and increasing production rates.

Additionally, if any federal standards change, there will not be a waiting period. Your company will no longer have to wait for a third party to send you back updated prepared food labels, as your organization can have the necessary machines and materials to print them.

Why choose DuraFast Prepared Food Labels?

DuraFast Prepared Food Labels are made with state-of-the-art synthetic material that can withstand the most extreme conditions and rough handling, while maintaining the integrity of the ink. When complemented with premium quality printers such as the Primera LX900 color label printer, prepared food labels will remain intact so that all health information is easily found and understood by consumers.

Whether your company needs to create specialty food labels or is looking to design unique beer labels, using a Primera LX900 color label printer will help you achieve all your printing needs. Don't settle for low-quality or bland product labels. Take responsibility for your printing by creating your prepared food labels in-house. Contact one of our label experts today to find the ideal machine that will push your business ahead of the competition with durable prepared food labels.