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NeuraLabel 300x Pigment Inkjet GHS Label Printer



100.00 LBS


NeuraLabel 300x Pigment Inkjet GHS Label Printer

NeuraLabel 300x Pigment Inkjet GHS Compliant Label Printer

The NeuraLabel 300x Pigment Inkjet GHS compliant label printer is specifically designed for printing durable hazardous material labels that are compliant with GHS standards. Their labels meet BS5609 standards for both marine and hazardous conditions. With on demand printing, the NeuraLabel 300x label printer can quickly produce labels as needed to ensure your products are labeled correctly and securely without paper waste.


NeuraLabel 300x Label Printer Uses

The NeuraLabel 300x label printer can be used to print out a variety of labels such as a small 3 inch wide label often used to label pails to the huge 8.5 inch wide labels used for oil drums. Its water resistant pigment inks ensure that you can print on a wide variety of label media including moisture and abrasion resistant synthetic media often used to label hazardous materials. Clearly read and smudge proof labels are a necessity when handling hazardous materials and this printer delivers it. At speeds of 20 inches per second, this printer is ideal for printing shipping labels, inventory labels and warning labels.


NeuraLabel 300x Label Printer Specifications

The NeuraLabel 300x label printer uses HP Pagewide Technology and incorporates state of the art commercial printing capabilities with the scalability that has been proven to work for small work groups. In other words, the new technology provides high quality printing and breakthrough speeds in a small relatively lightweight printer at 37.8 pounds. Using HP pigmented inks with Color-Lok technology will ensure that your labels come out the right way every time. The printer has a build-in power supply that supports Universal 110V to 240V outlets. The printer can interface with both your local network Ethernet and your Hi-Speed USB port. You can also integrate it with SAP programs for ease in processing labels from existing lists.


NeuraLabel 300x Label Printer Print Resolution

With print resolution up to 2400 x 1200 dpi, this printer delivers sharp and vibrant color to your labels. GHS standards require that you clearly mark hazardous materials with the appropriate pictograms of the hazardous materials. Most of the pictograms are in color and need to be clearly seen. Pictograms that can't be seen fail inspection. You can adjust the resolution to fit your needs.


At DuraFast Label Company, we can make custom GHS BS5609 compliant labels to run on the 300x printer as for your business needs. Contact us today.


The following label types are available for the NeuraLabel 300x from DuraFast Label Company:

  • NeuraLabel 300x Chemical Labels, specifically designed for GHS BS5609 Compliant labels
  • NeuraLabel 300x Matte Labels, paper based label for product labels and carton labels
  • NeuraLabel 300x High Gloss labels, paper based labels for product labels that require photographic quality graphics and colors. Has a shiny surface.
  • NeuraLabel 300x Matte Polypropylene labels, synthetic labels made from BOPP or polypropylene film. Ideal for medical applications, cosmetic and product labels.

 The NeuraLabel 300x standard unit uses fan-folded labels. If you need to print roll to roll, then add the 300x Rewinder/Unwinder System and convert your 300x into a GHS 5609 high speed press.

 The video here shows the 300x with the Unwinder/Rewinder system in action:

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