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Afinia L501 GHS Pigment Inkjet Color Label Printer

Was: $3,595.00
Now: $2,595.00
(You save $1,000.00 )
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45.00 LBS

hp-inkjet-technology-300x125.pngThe Afinia L501 has now been replaced by the Afinia L502

Afinia L501 Digital Color Label Printer with Pigment Inks for GHS BS5609 Compliant Labels

* Featuring HP Inkjet technology. This printer used very similar HP Inkjet technology that is currently used by Primera Technology in the LX1000 and LX2000 color label printers.

Afinia L501 GHS Pigment Inkjet Color Label Printer

Using 4 individual color pigment ink cartridges, the Afinia L501 Pigment inkjet color label printer produces GHS BS5609-compliant labels on demand. The Afinia L501 GHS label printer uses four separate (CMYK) pigment inks and the latest HP pigment ink technology to print durable, scratch-, oil-, water-, and chemical-resistant industrial labels at a resolution of up to 2400dpi.

Need to print “prime” labels, too? The L501 is also one of the most versatile label printers on the market because you can swap out its pigment printhead and cartridges for a dye printhead and dye inks for prime label printing.

How Does the Afinia L501 Pigment ink label printer compare to the VIPColor VP495 and Primera LX2000?

The Afinia L501 Pigment GHS color label printer uses the latest HP pigment inkjet technology whereas the VIPColor VP495 is over 10 years old. Both the Primera LX1000/2000 and the Afinia L501 feature the newer version of the HP pigment inkjet print engine.

The L501 Pigment GHS label printer’s biggest advantage over its competitors is its “DuraPrime” Duo Ink Technology. Switching between pigment and dye inks is a simple matter of swapping the printheads (HP Dye Ink Printhead Kit sold separately) in the L501. To get this same capability with the VIPColor or Primera LX2000 printers, you’d actually need to purchase a separate printer in order to use dye-based inks.

In addition, the L501 offers the following benefits over the Primera LX2000:

  • Ability to use both 6” OD or 8” OD label rolls. The LX2000 only allows for 6” OD rolls.
  • Ability to use label media up to 8.5 inches wide versus 8.375 inches. There are many continuous label rolls that are sold 8.5” x 500 feet and you could never use these on the Primera LX2000.
  • Ability to print labels up to 48 inches long versus 24 inches. The LX2000 can only print labels up to 24 inches long.
  • The L501 offers a lower ink cost per labels when compared to LX2000. Even the L501 printhead comes with completely full ink cartridges where the LX2000 printhead only ships with starter ink cartridges used for priming. So, each time you replace the Primera LX2000 printhead, you also need to buy a new set of inks so that once the printhead is primed, you can insert the new cartridges and start printing.
  • If you want the exact ink cost of your design files, send them to us and we will print you samples and provide the exact ink cost.

The Afinia L501 Pigment inkjet label printer offers the perfect blend of price, quality, ease-of-use, and versatility. It can print GHS BS5609-compliant drum labels one day followed by prime wine labels with vibrant colors and a glossy finish the next.

Check out all of the different DuraFast labels for the Afinia L501 Pigment including our GHS BS5609 chemical labels here.

Now that’s flexibility!

What’s the Ink Cost Per Label on the L501 Pigment?

The Afinia L501 Pigment has a very low ink cost per label compared to many of its competitors, but what are you actually looking at? We’ve calculated ink costs on a per-label basis based on common label sizes, types, and quantities so you can get a better idea of just how affordable the L501 is to both own and operate.

Learn more about the Afinia L501 Pigment ink label printer by watching the video below.

Afinia l501 Unboxing video Below


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