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Afinia L501 Color Label Printer (Duo Inks Pigment & Dye Ink Bundle)

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 The Afinia L501 has now been replaced by the Afinia L502

hp-inkjet-technology-300x125.pngAfinia L501 Color Label Printer (Duo Inks Pigment & Dye Ink Bundle)

* Featuring HP Inkjet technology. This printer used very similar HP Inkjet technology that is currently used by Primera Technology in the LX1000 and LX2000 color label printers.

However the Primera LX1000 and LX2000 are only available with the HP pigment inks which are great for GHS BS5609 labeling. However pigment inks lack the vibrant colors of a dye based inks that are very popular with prime labels used in food labeling, coffee labeling, tea labeling and vape.

Afinia L501 Duo Ink Color Label Printer

The Afinia L501 DUO color label printer offers quality, speed, and versatility to businesses that need to print both “prime” labels and durable chemical- and water-proof labels. With its ability to use both pigment and dye inks, the Afinia L501 DUO label printer offers the ultimate in flexibility.

Two Printheads for Two Different Label Printing Purposes

The Afinia L501 DUO ships with both the pigment printhead and a complete set (CMYK) of pigment inks plus the dye printhead and a complete set (CMYK) of dye inks. By purchasing the Afinia L501 DUO, it’s no longer necessary to purchase two separate label printers for prime or GHS BS5609 chemical label printing.

Use the L501 DUO with pigment inks to print:

  • Durable, smudge-free outdoor labels
  • Waterproof labels
  • GHS BS5609 chemical drum labels
  • GHS labels
  • Boat and marina labels
  • And other labels that will be exposed to water, oil, chemicals, or harsh environmental conditions
  • These labels are generally printed on matte finish label stocks like matte paper, matte polypropylene and for GHS BS5609-compliant labels, matte chemical labels made by DuraFast Label Company

Use the L501 DUO with dye inks to print:

  • Vibrant color labels
  • High resolution, professional labels
  • “Prime” product labels such as wine labels, coffee and tea labels, packaged food labels
  • Glossy clear labels
  • Photorealistic labels
  • And other high-impact labels
  • These labels are generally printed on high gloss finish labels that shine such as our high gloss paper labels, glossy polypropylene, glossy polyester (white, silver or gold), clear labels.

Switching ink types is a simple matter of swapping the printheads, making the Afinia L501 both easy and versatile. It’s the only CMYK based color label printer on the market that allows you to switch the inks as your needs change. Other brands make you buy a new printer.

Other Features that Matter

The Afinia L501 DUO uses HP inkjet technology to produce 2400dpi labels at a speed of up to 5.2 inches per second. Its built-in unwinder accepts 8.5-inch-wide media with an outside diameter of 8 inches on a 3-inch core. It also has a touchscreen control panel and a powered cutter. The Afinia L501 is compatible with a wide range of media. Browse our selection of L501 labels here.

Check out our selection of Afinia L501 inkjet labels for both dye and pigment ink labels. GHS BS5609 labels are for pigment version only. We also carry all of the pigment and dye replacement ink cartridges for the Afinia L501.

Learn more about the Afinia L501 DUO ink label printer by watching the video below.

With two sets of inks you can now print GHS BS5609 compliant labels using the pigment ink and then change to the dye ink to print vibrant color based prime labels.