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Use DuraFast medical device labels to guarantee that your labels are durable and legible.Having accurate and legible medical device labels will not only be beneficial to healthcare facilities and their distributors, it is also a requirement by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the FDA standards, a product's name and place of business, intended use and adequate directions for use must all be prominent on the label.

It is crucial that no company overlooks these standards, or allows their medical device labels to become subpar. False or misleading statements - or descriptions that have become smudged and unreadable - can bring hefty financial setbacks to an organization. However, when a business uses DuraFast medical device labels, they can rest assured that this will never become an issue.

Why should I print my own medical device labels?

Not only can printing your own medical device labels save you money, it can save you time. As FDA and/or local labeling requirements change, it is a necessity for any business involved in distribution or manufacturing of healthcare tools to remain up-to-date. Using a third-party company for printing could cause your business to wait weeks at a time for new medical device labels to be created and sent back to you.

Additionally, with healthcare organizations working toward implementing the newest technologies, it is important for any and all medical device labels to be accurate and current. By working with DuraFast Label Company, one of our professional label experts can help find the best machine for all of your printing needs.

For example, with an Epson TM-C3400 color label printer, your business will never fall behind on orders. This machine can design graphics, barcodes, photos, illustrations and text all in a short period of time.

Medical device labels you can print with an Epson machine

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations often need a steady supply of specimen labels, patient wristbands, patient meal tickets and pharmacy labels. To ensure that your facility never falls behind on orders, or with FDA compliance, it is a smart investment to use Epson's SecurColor inkjet printer. This machine will help medical companies create a variety of of labels and tickets anytime, without any paper swapping or waste. Furthermore, the system software designates the necessary color codes, which reduces the risk of human error.

Epson's SecurColor inkjet printer is an ideal option for hospitals that want to ensure they meet all healthcare requirements. With high-speed printing up to 3.7 inches per second and a selectable print resolution up to 720 x 360 dpi, your organization can remain on top of all orders. 

Why use DuraFast medical device labels?

When you use DuraFast medical device labels for your manufacturing or distribution needs, your company will remain current with any labeling standards. Using one of our machines will guarantee that you can design custom labels that are durable and will not smear or lose their intended message. Even if the transportation of medical devices is long, their labels do not have to be sacrificed.

Contact one of our label experts today to find the best DuraFast Label Company machine for your medical device label printing needs.