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Seiko Label Printers

Labels are an essential part of day-to-day operations for most businesses, as they are used for everything from internal filing to mass mailings. Yet, despite the need for accuracy in these applications, all too many business owners opt to hand-write labels for file folders, packages and more — despite the issues that can easily arise. Simple tasks like filing customer data or shipping out orders can be obstructed by one smudge or scrawl.

Enter Seiko label printers — an affordable line of desktop printers that produce high-quality labels for all of your internal and external applications. DuraFast Label Company is proud to announce that it now carries the Seiko SLP 620, the SLP 650 and the SLP 650SE, both of which represent incredible value at price businesses of any scale and budget can afford.

Why invest in Seiko Smart Label Printer | SLP 620 | LSP 650 | LSP 650 SE

Seiko SLP label printers are easy to use and can print out one or 100 labels one demand with minimal hassle. The end result is a clear, crisp label that would cleanly identify file folders and convey an air of polished professionalism when used for mailing. 

The Seiko SLP 620 is the most basic and affordable option available from Seiko. The Seiko SLP 650 provides greater speed and resolution, for when clarity really counts. These devices can both be used to print address labels, filing folder labels, name badges, visitor passes, retail labels, shipping labels and more.

In addition, we also carry the SLP650 SE, which, like the SLP 650, features a Serial port for your legacy systems.

Not sure if the Seiko SLP label printers are the right choice for you? Contact DuraFast Label Company today to learn more about these and other cost-effective label printing solutions.