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Citizen CL-E321 Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printer

Printing has become an integral part of our lives, from personal use to commercial and industrial applications. Whether it's printing documents, photos, or labels, getting high-quality output is essential. In this age of technology, barcode label printers come in various types and sizes, each designed to cater to specific needs. The Citizen CL-E321 barcode label printer is one such printer that has gained popularity for its exceptional printing capabilities. This printer is a versatile solution for printing barcode labels in various industries such as courier, logistics, transport, manufacturing and healthcare. Here is what you need to know about the Citizen CL-E321 thermal transfer barcode label printer.

Citizen CL-E321 Its Technology | Thermal Transfer | 203 DIP | 8 IPS

One of the unique features of this barcode printer is its ability to print both direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels. Direct thermal labels do not require a ribbon as the printhead applies heat directly to the label material, causing it to darken and produce an image. In contrast, thermal transfer labels require a ribbon to transfer the ink onto the label material. This method produces a more durable and long-lasting label suitable for applications that require a longer lifespan, such as product labeling and asset tracking. Depending on the specific label material used, the printer can accommodate three types of ribbons, including wax, wax/resin, and resin.

Benefits of the Citizen CL-E321 Thermal Label Printer

It’s Paper Load Mechanism

The thermal label printer comes with a Hi-Lift mechanism, which allows for easy access to the printer’s media compartment. This makes changing the Citizen CL-E321 ribbons and labels a breeze. With this feature, users can save time and effort when loading or unloading the printer. The printer also features a ClickClose closure mechanism, which ensures that the media compartment remains securely closed during printing, preventing any mishaps or paper jams.

Fast Printing Speed

The printer’s ultra-fast printing speed of up to 200mm per second (8 inches per second) makes it ideal for printing large volumes of labels or barcodes quickly and efficiently. With such a fast printout speed, users can save valuable time and increase productivity. It is important to note that the printer’s high-speed performance does not compromise print quality.

Large Media Capacity – Holds 1-Inch Core Rolls Up to 5” OD

The Citizen CL-E321 Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printer has a large media capacity and can hold label rolls of up to 5 inches (127mm) in diameter on 1” cores. This is beneficial for users that require high-volume printing, as it reduces the need for frequent media replacement, saving time and increasing efficiency. The printer also supports various label types and sizes, making it ideal for various applications. Checkout our Citizen CL-E321 direct thermal labels,  CL-E321 thermal transfer labels and CL-E321 Ribbon.

Citizen CL-E321 Printer Warranty

With its warranty, users can trust that the Citizen CL-E321 will deliver consistent and reliable performance throughout its lifespan. The warranty covers the printer for a period of two years, ensuring peace of mind for the user. Additionally, the printhead is covered for six months or 50 kilometers of printing, whichever comes first. This warranty provides assurance that the printer is built to last and can handle high-volume printing applications without compromising quality.

In today's digital age, printers have become an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike. Having a label printer is no longer just about printing documents or basic materials but about having a high-quality printer that can perform optimally for specific printing applications. The Citizen CL-E321 Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printer is an excellent choice as it can perform optimally and deliver consistent and reliable results. Whether you need to print barcodes, shipping labels, or product labels, this printer is an excellent choice that will provide consistent and reliable results.

Citizen CL-E321 Printer Models Available

CL-E321XUBNNA CL-E321, Thermal Transfer, 203 DPI, USB, LAN & Serial, BK
CL-E321XUBNPEA CL-E321, Thermal Transfer, 203 DPI, USB, LAN & Serial, BK, Peeler
CL-E321XUWNNA CL-E321, Thermal Transfer, 203 DPI, USB, LAN & Serial, WH
CL-E321XUBNBCA CL-E321, Thermal Transfer, 203 DPI, USB, LAN & Serial, Label Cutter, BK
CL-E331XUBNNA CL-E321, Thermal Transfer, 300 DPI, USB, LAN & Serial, BK
CL-E331XUBNPEA CL-E321, Thermal Transfer, 300 DPI, USB, LAN & Serial, BK, Peeler
CL-E331XUWNNA CL-E321, Thermal Transfer, 300 DPI, USB, LAN & Serial, WH
CL-E331XUBNBCA CL-E321, Thermal Transfer, 300 DPI, USB, LAN & Serial, Label Cutter, BK