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Citizen Printer Accessories

Here is a listing of all the Citizen Printer Accessories we sell

010759B Cable, Powered USB
010692B Cable, Powered USB 24V To Y,3M
IF1-PA01 I/F, PAR, CT-S6XX/8XX,CL-S400DT, CL-S6621, CL-E720
IF1-RS01 I/F, SER, CT-S6XX, CT-S8XX, CL-S400DT, CL-S6621, CL-E720
IF1-UB01 I/F, USB, CT-S6XX/8XX, CL-S400DT, CL-S6621, CL-E720
IF1-EFX1 I/F, Ethernet (XML), CT-S6XX, CT-S8XX, CL-S400DT, CL-S6621, CL-E720 
IF1-EFX2 I/F, Ethernet (XML) USB (Host), CT-S6XX, CT-S8XX,CL-S400DT, CL-S6621, CL-E720
IF1-WFN4 I/F, Ethernet (XML), WiFi 2.4GHz & 5G, When used with OPT-802 dongle: CT-S6/8XX, CL-S400DT, CL-S6621, CL-E720
IF1-ES02 I/F, SEH PS108 Ethernet, CL-S400DT, CL-S6621, CL-E720
IF1-ES04 I/F, SEH Ethernet, WiFi 2.4GHz & 5G, CT-S6XX, CT-S8XX, CL-S400DT, CL-S621, CL-E720
IF2-EFX2 I/F, Ethernet (XML) USB (Host), CT-E6XX, CT-S751, CT-S4500
IF2-EFX1 I/F, ETH+ XML CT-E651, CT-S751, CT-S4500, CT-E601 (Ethernet with XML feature) 
IF2-ES04 I/F, SEH Ethernet, WiFi 2.4GHz, CL-E300, CL-E321
IF5-EFX1 I/F, ETH Assy,CL-S521II/621II/631II/S7XXII
IF2-WFN5 I/F, Ethernet (XML), WiFi 2.4GHz & 5G, When used with OPT-802 dongle: CT-E6XX, CT-S751, CT-S4500, CT-E3XX
TA66811-0M I/F, PAR, CT-S310/2000/4000
TB66832-00F I/F, SER, CT-S310/2000/4000
950034-00 I/F, SER, CT-S300/CD-S500/PPU-700
950035-00 I/F, PAR, CT-S300/CD-S500/PPU-700
950036-01A I/F, USB, CT-S300/CD-S500/PPU-700
IF1-UP01 I/F, Powered USB, CT-S6XX, CT-S8XX
IF1-UH01 I/F, USB Hub, CT-S6XX, CT-S8XX 
010761G I/F, Ethernet, CT-S2000/4000
TA66814-0M I/F, Ethernet, SEH, CT-2000/4000
IF1-ES01 I/F, SEH Ethernet, CT-S6XX, CT-S8XX
PS113-Wifi Wi-Fi Card, Internal, CT-S310/2000/4000/PPU-700
OPT-802 IF1-WFN2 5GHz Dongle
OPT-788 I/F, Ethernet, SEH, All CL-S Series except CL-S400DT & CL-S6621
OPT-797 WiFi Card, 2.4GHz, 802.11g/b, All CL-S Series except CL-S400DT & CL-S6621
OPT-801 2.4GHz dongle for OPT-797
OPT-806 Dongle, long range, dual GHz CL-S5/6/700 typeII mate with IF5-ES04
OPT-807 Dongle, short range, dual GHz CL-S5/6/700 typeII mate with IF5-ES04
91AD-JU Adapter, AC, CBM910II, CEC
91ADE Adapter, AC, CBM910II, 220v
28AD1-U Adapter, AC, CT-S280
35AD1-U Adapter, AC, PMU, CT-S2000, CEC
35AD2-U Adapter, AC, CT-S310, PPU-231,PPU-700 CEC
36AD3-U Adapter, AC w/ Pwr Cord, CT-S6XX/CT-S8XX
Wall-CTS300 Bracket, Wall, CT-S300/310, CD-S500, CT-S601, CT-S801
Wall-CTS4000 Bracket, Wall, CT-S4000
AW-3 Winder, Ivory (IDP-3550/3551)
AW-3CW Winder, White (IDP-3550/3551)
JM98916-0 Cutter, gray,  CL-S521/621, CL-E720
OPT-789 Cutter, white,  CL-S521/621
JN98901-OM Cutter, CL-S700
PPN00007S Cutter, CL-S6621
JN98911-0M Cutter, Rotary, CL-S700
JE98903-0 Roll Holder (CL-S521/621)
JE98904-0 Roll Holder, EXTERNAL ROLL 6" (CL-S6621)
OPT-790 Peeler, CL-S521/621
PPN10004S Peeler, CL-E720
JN98909-OM Peeler, CL-S700
PPN10002S Peeler, CL-S6621
MBP05-00PK-C007 Shoulder Strap (CMP-20/30/40)
MBP02-00PK-C006P20 Leather Case (CMP-20)
MBP06-00PK-C006 Leather Case (CMP-30)
MBP02-00AS-B009 Cradle, Battery Charger (CMP-20)
MBP06-00AS-B012 Cradle, Battery Charger (CMP-30)
P43CRDCG Cradle, Battery Charger (CMP-40)
CMP/P12BATTCHRGR  Cradle, Batt CHRGR 4BAY/CMP20-30-40-P12
STD-08410CV Adapter, AC 100-240V (CMP-20II/30II)- 
MBP05-00PW-001X Adapter, AC 110V (CMP-40) 
PC-084100C Adapter, Car (CMP-20/30)
500855 Adapter, Car (CMP-40)
CMP-BA20II Battery, 2000mA (CMP-20II)
CMP-BA30II Battery, 2600mA (CMP-30 Type I &II)
MBP05-00AS-019X Battery, (CMP-40)
CA20-S01 Cable, Serial MINI DIN 8P (CMP-20/30)
CA20-U01 Cable, USB (CMP-20/30)