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Purchase Blank Inkjet Labels at Affordable Prices

You can buy any type of blank label from DuraFast’s online store. We offer high-quality products at reasonable prices for both home users as well as businesses.

Choose from a Variety of Options

Blank labels come in a variety of materials. You don’t have to limit your options to just paper. Here are some of the blank label types we offer:

Paper Inkjet Labels

This is the most common type of blank label material. Paper labels are highly affordable and you can print just about anything on them. Paper labels are also compatible with almost all types of label printers. Paper-based blank labels are the recommended format for home users. Paper labels are cheap and degrade easily.

Synthetic Inkjet Labels

Blank labels made from synthetic material are highly popular among those who want long-lasting labels. If you want waterproof, heat resistant, or abrasion-free labels, synthetic is an excellent material to choose. Synthetic labels are suitable for both home and industrial use.

High Gloss Inkjet Labels

If you want colorful and shiny labels, you will require high gloss printing material. High gloss blank labels are perfect for printing labels with pictures or photographs. This material vividly shows of all color and shines under bright lights.

Matte Inkjet Labels

Matte black labels are a lot like high gloss ones, except that these don’t shine. If you don’t want a shiny sheen on the label, choose matte. This material can also vividly portray colors, but without brightly reflecting light.

GHS BS5609 Inkjet Chemical Labels

We offer chemical labels for thermal printers, color pigment inkjet, color laser printers and industrial-grade label makers. Browse our shop to see all the available options you may be able to benefit from.

Trusted Brands

We offer blank labels manufactured for trusted brands such as Epson, Seiko, Afinia, and iSys. We have multipurpose, security, shipping, and other types of labels you can choose depending on your requirements.