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Find your perfect all-rounder among GoDEX barcode printers

Are you sold on flawless performance and high resolution in units as small as portable money counters? GoDEX label printers are worth taking a look at. They are space-saving companions to help you tackle all labeling tasks, including:

  • Receipts
  • Shipping labels
  • Tags
  • Barcodes

Delivered by GoDEX thermal units, they are all resistant to dust, water, and rubbing. And they feel nice to complement your packaging!

Streamline your labeling with GoDEX printers

GoDEX’s ZX1200Xi, DT4x, HD830i, ZX420i, RT200i  and other series are trusted by sellers in the e-commerce field and other businesses, from small online shop owners to Etsy merchants. That’s because every GoDEX barcode printer found on this page boasts:

  • Simple settings
  • Compact size
  • Fast print speed
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Postcard-perfect image quality thanks to the high resolution of up to 600 dpi

Want some real-life examples? GoDEX DT200iL linerless exemplifies the brand’s Linerless series. Its classic design and compact size go hand in hand with high quality and instant print speed.

Meanwhile, the HD830i 8.6 GoDEX label printer is an efficient option for businesses that print labels on an industrial scale. This one is great for shipping labels up to 8.6 inches wide. 

Do you need your tags to be compatible with the requirements of large e-commerce platforms and delivery services? The HD820i may be the way to go!

Choosing your GoDEX sticker printer

Choosing the best thermal label and sticker printer is one of the most critical decisions for your business. This means you will need to consider tons of factors. The main thing to remember is the purpose of using your setup, whether it should be a portable unit for a small business or a beefier printer for commercial activities.

Next, pay attention to the printing speed and label sizes. If you are a large enterprise, you can go with models capable of printing all widely used shipping labels. In this case, industrial thermal GoDEX printers will fit your activities well.

Switch to more compact units if you need a printer to easily label packages or boxes to optimize your warehouse space. Finally, a Bluetooth or USB port can help you decide, as it allows you to print labels right from the screen of your mobile phone.

If you want your business to run like clockwork, rely on a dedicated and trusted brand. Doing so with GoDEX printers for sale at DuraFast is an option you can leverage as soon as today!