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Name Badge Maker Printers

Print your own badges in house with a full color badge maker machine. Each badge printer listed here allows you to create badges and name tags on demand, complete with color graphics such as a company logo or photo ID. These are affordable badge printing solutions that can enhance security while also reinforcing your company brand. Adding color codes can also enable employees and security staff to quickly distinguish between visitors, employees, vendors, event attendees, VIPs, and other classifications of individuals at your event, school, or workplace.

Common Types of Badges

Once you have your own badge maker machine, you’ll be able to print any number of badge types including, but not limited to, the following:

-Name badges — Perfect for business mixers, workshops, seminars, and other events where participants may not know one another. With a badge maker machine, you can print name badges in advance or on demand when participants check into your event. Consider adding a color logo to the name badge.

-Conference badges — If you’re hosting a larger conference, printing your own conference badges with your badge printer allows you greater control over access to events within the conference. For example, you could add a barcode your conference badges which would allow or deny access to specific events or areas. Similarly, adding a color photo of the participant would discourage participants from sharing their badges with one another.

-Security badges — Control access to sensitive areas by printing your own security badges with a full color badge maker machine. By including both a photo ID and a barcode, you can restrict access based on each user’s security clearance. For instance, only warehouse personnel would be able to enter the warehouse. By incorporating barcodes into your security plan, you would also have an audit trail documenting access.

-Employee Identification badges — You can also print your own employee identification badges with a color badge printer. Employee identification badges can be used in conjunction with security badges or for identification purposes only. For example, your field service technicians could show their color employee identification badges when providing service, giving your customers greater peace of mind.

-Visitors badges and expiring passes — It’s important that visitors to your facility are properly checked in and clearly identified. Being able to print your own visitors badges on demand allows you to customize each visitor’s badge complete with their name, photo, reason for the visit, and authorized visit date. In addition to selling visitor badge maker machines, DuraFast Label Company also sells expiring name badges that will automatically display the word “VOID” in large red letters within 24 hours of printing the badge.

These are but a few examples of how you can use a badge maker in your business.

Recommended Badge Maker Printers

If you need to print your own badges and name tags, consider one of the following badge maker machines:

-Primera LX500c badge printer — With its compact size and built-in cutter, the Primera LX500c is ideal for reception areas, lobbies, guest check-in counters, and admissions desks. Using the included label and tag design software is easy, and badge printing is fast. You’ll be able to quick update and print individual visitors badges, conference badges, security badges, expiring visitor badges and name tags with the Primera LX500c badge maker. All of our LX400 name badges, tags and expiring badges work great with the Primera LX500 and LX500c. These two badge makers can print name badges up to 4 inches wide.

-Epson TM-C3400-LT badge maker kiosk — This badge maker machine is an all-in-one terminal that includes everything you need to print badges without requiring a computer or network connection. It does have USB and Ethernet ports should you want to connect to the network or to a computer. Because it is self-contained, the Epson TM-C3400-LT badge maker machine is ideal for printing conference name badges and badges for outdoor events where network access may be problematic. This name badge maker can print name badges up to 4 inches wide.

-Epson TM-C3500 badge printer - The Epson TM-C3500 badge printer is an excellent choice for printing durable, full color name badges on demand. The badges dry instantly without smudges or smears. You can print name badge stickers or name badges which can be put into a sleeve or holder. With its fast print speed, it’s the number one choice for printing conference badges and large event name badges like Comic Con and other events. This badge maker can print up to 4-inch wide name badges.

-Seiko SLP 620 – The Seiko SLP 620 and SLP 650 are direct thermal badge printers and can print black and white badges up to 2.28 inches wide. These are ideal for small offices where you need to print badges for visitors. You can connect the SLP 620 to a desktop computer via a USB port.

-Toshiba B-FV4D & B-FV4T – These 4-inch desktop direct thermal and thermal transfer badge printers can produce single color name badges and name stickers. They provide fast printing speeds and can be networked for easy integration with office applications.

The Toshiba B-FV4D and B-FV4T series offers the choice of thermal transfer or direct thermal models in 203 or 300 dpi resolutions.  It also offers improved features such as faster print speed (6 inches per second) and all emulations (ZPL2, EPL, EPL, and IPL) as standard features. This series also features newer interfaces such as Bluetooth or wireless. For ultimate connectivity flexibility, the B-FV4D/B-FV4T series comes standard with USB and Ethernet interfaces. Other additional interface options are Bluetooth or Wireless. Available options include: full or partial cutter, peel/dispenser module, and an external 8-inch OD label input device for larger input media capacity.