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Experience Unmatched Durability with Afinia L801 Plus Inks

Welcome to DuraFast Label Company, your premier source for top-of-the-line printing supplies. We are thrilled to introduce the game-changing Afinia L801 Plus with Watershield™ Water-Resistant Inks. These innovative inks are designed exclusively for the Afinia L801 Plus color label printer, providing superior water resistance and print quality.

Afinia L801 Plus Inks: Redefining Print Resilience

Designed exclusively for the Afinia L801 Plus color label printer, these specialized inks boast unparalleled water resistance. They are the perfect solution for applications that require high durability against moisture, such as chilled beverages, food packaging, and chemical or pharmaceutical products.

Why Choose Afinia L801 Plus with Watershield™ Water-Resistant Inks?

Choosing Afinia L801 Plus Inks comes with several distinct advantages: Superior Water Resistance: Leveraging Watershield™ technology, these inks provide labels with high resilience against prolonged moisture exposure. High-Quality Prints: The technology produces labels with more neutral grays, enhancing the overall print quality and label clarity. Sustainable Choice: Afinia L801 Plus Inks use responsibly-sourced materials, aligning your label printing process with sustainable business practices.

Ensure Compatibility with Afinia L801 Plus Inks

Please note that Afinia L801 Plus Inks are solely compatible with the Afinia L801 Plus color label printer. Similarly, Afinia L801 Standard inks are only compatible with the L801 color label printer. The two types of inks are not interchangeable, and incorrect purchases cannot be returned. Therefore, we strongly advise our customers to confirm their printer model before placing an order.

Trust DuraFast for Afinia L801 Plus with Watershield™ Water-Resistant Inks

With DuraFast Label Company, you can rely on quality products, competitive prices, and unparalleled customer service. Choose us for your Afinia L801 Plus Inks and experience a significant enhancement in the durability and quality of your label prints. Make a lasting impression with your labels today—choose DuraFast.