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swift-color-logo.jpgSwiftColor Label Printers

DuraFast Label Company is pleased to offer digital inkjet color label printers from SwiftColor. Offered in several models, SwiftColor label printers feature a single pass Canon bubble jet print head. This technology results in super-fast, full color label printing at an astounding 1200 dpi. SwiftColor label printers are available in 2-inch, 4-inch, and 8-inch versions. In addition, the 2-inch and 4-inch models of SwiftColor label printers are offered with either dye or pigment ink configurations.

SwiftColor 2-Inch Color Inkjet Label Printers

SwiftColor offers two 2-inch color label printer models:

-     SwiftColor SCL-2000P — The SCL-2000P color label printer uses pigment-based inks to produce highly durable, weather-resistant 2-inch wide labels, tags and wristbands. The SCL-2000P can print as fast as 4.7 inches per second and is ideal for printing smaller labels and tags such as durable medicine bottle labels, printed wristbands, and oil-resistant cosmetic labels.

-     SwiftColor SCC-2000D — The SCC-2000D color card printer is the dye-based ink version of SwiftColor’s 2-inch color label printer. This ID and visitor management printer is ideal for printing full color visitor ID badges, employee badges, business cards, and sports tickets. It uses vibrant dye-based inks and Canon single pass print head technology to print high resolution cards as fast as 50 cards per minute.

SwiftColor 4-Inch Color Inkjet Label Printers

SwiftColor’s 4-inch color label printers are ideal for printing medium-sized labels on quickly (nearly 8 inches per second) and on demand. Both of these 4-inch SwiftColor color label printers share the same basic characteristics, with the one difference being the type of ink used.

-     SwiftColor SCL-4000P — The SCL-4000P is the pigment-based ink version. With its durable pigment inks, the SCL-4000P is suitable for label applications that require durability and improved resistance against UV light, water, chemicals, oils, and abrasions such as carton labels, chemical labels, GHS labels, parcel labels, and medical labels.

-     SwiftColor SCL-4000D — The SCL-4000D is the dye-based ink version. This compact 4-inch color label printer finds the right balance of quality and speed, making it ideal for producing your own professional quality product labels on demand. Use the SwiftColor SCL-4000D to print beautiful wine bottle labels, gourmet food labels, shelf labels, product labels, shipping labels, and more.

SwiftColor 8-Inch Color Inkjet Label Printers

For applications where you need a larger and highly durable label, SwiftColor’s 8-inch color label printer is up to the task. The SwiftColor SCL-8000P is a pigment-based, 8-inch color label printer that prints high resolution labels up to 8 inches wide at 1200 dpi and 7.9 inches per second. Offered only as a pigment ink color label printer, the SwiftColor SCL-8000P is ideal for printing large format chemical labels, GHS labels, crate labels, and large box labels.

If you’re looking for an affordable, fast, and high quality color label printer, SwiftColor color label printers are an excellent choice. Browse our selection of SwiftColor label printers or contact DuraFast Label Company for assistance.


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