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Wristband printers you’ve been looking for

From now on, you can print hundreds of wristbands by simply pressing a button. Thermal wristband printers are easy to pair with band cartridges or rolls to create identification, access control, or branding items to wear on the wrist. They are incredibly portable and perfectly suited for on-the-go use.

If you are looking for more versatility, some wristband printers can double as label makers. Brands like Brother and Zebra have an extensive line-up of printing solutions that will hit the mark for a range of applications. Personalization options are abundant, allowing you to customize your bands or labels before printing.

For healthcare settings

Make the everyday routine easier for medical professionals and hospital staff. Wrist band printers can simplify administrative processes in healthcare facilities and minimize the risk of mix-ups even during the busiest of shifts. They can be used to:

  • Speed up hospital admissions 
  • Accurately identify patients receiving treatments 
  • Keep doctors and staff aware of the patient’s allergies and medical complications

If you need a printer for wristbands used in medical centers, Zebra ZD510-HC is the best of the bunch. It works with antimicrobial-coated ID bands that inhibit the growth of pathogens on the wristband surface and are resistant to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Identifying patients should have no additional risk of spreading infections, which is why this Zebra printer is an excellent choice for hospitals and medical centers.

For events

Your event may aim to generate unforgettable moments, but gatecrashing and out-of-control crowds of people can’t add to the fun. A color wristband printer is a huge help to prevent access issues during your event, be it a sports game, a concert, or a day at the amusement park. You can use one to print tamper-evident, water-resistant bands to support your event management efforts by creating:

  • Entrance tickets
  • Color-coded VIP passes
  • Souvenirs to remind the visitors of their experience

Thanks to their lightning-fast printing capabilities, direct thermal wristband printers enable you to control entries and the flow of visitors during the largest events. These devices are designed with speed in mind to churn out one band after another.

For office applications

Unauthorized access is a nightmare for workplaces, which may put your critical data and the entire organization’s networks into jeopardy. Wristband label printers can help thwart it with ID bands that sync with your employee management system. This reinforces security within the building and makes your workplace safer.

The positive wristband-wearing experience can be ensured with ID bands that are:

  • Made of non-irritating materials
  • Flat to be effortlessly scanned at the point of entry
  • Lightweight

Office wristbands can be printed with your company’s logo, barcodes, and extra colorful features. They are great not only for improved workplace security but also for riveting brand visibility.

For the best thermal wristband printers and do-it-yourself ID bands, check out this product selection at DuraFast Label Company. We will ship your item on the next business day so you can start creating personalized wristbands as soon as possible.