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Custom labels are becoming more of a necessity for food manufacturers. With more American consumers becoming obsessed with various health trends and specialty diets, it is becoming more imperative for food manufacturers and distributors to have custom labels on all products. Whether a shopper has strict dietary needs—due to allergies or a medical condition—or just wants to eat better, the federal government has also taken note. The requirements for food labels are changing and becoming more intricate, which could also make it more difficult to keep up with the adjustments.

What happens if a company fails to adhere to such demands for custom labels? The results could be hefty fines or customers distrusting whatever the business has to offer in the future. In order to keep the relationships with consumers and governing bodies strong, investing in a color label printer can be a long-lasting answer for organizations.

Avoid third parties by printing custom labels in-house

Trying to meet the needs of niche consumer markets, such as those who want to eat gluten-free, can be difficult. Using a third-party printer is time consuming and could cost a business money should any printing requirements change. Rather than waiting for a newly placed order to come back, an organization can simply make its own custom labels.

This guarantees that no details are overlooked and mass order quantities are delivered on time. Investing in a Primera LX900 color label printer from DuraFast Label Company will ensure that a business has the tools to create eye-catching and up to date custom labels.

Why DuraFast custom labels are the answer

Making labels that are unique to each product is an essential and foolproof way to meet customer needs. Whether they want gluten-free foods or just a detailed description of a drink, companies need to ensure that they have detailed and accurate descriptions.

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