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Specialty food labels can be created in mass quantity with a VIPColor VP485 color label printerConsumers are becoming more concerned with their personal health and diets, which is why specialty food labels are increasingly important. Foodstuffs that are considered "organic" or free of any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are in high demand, and manufacturers need to have the ability to clearly advertise the ingredients.

Customized food labels can inform customers of where a product came from. Consumers do not want any question when it involves their daily food intake, especially if they are health conscious or have any allergies.

Additionally, as federal standards can change, it is necessary for companies to remain current with all regulations. A failure to include certain descriptions or recommended dosages on a specialty food label could prove disastrous to a business. Not only could they face hefty fines, but customers could find them untrustworthy, and choose to shop elsewhere in the future.

The benefits of printing your own specialty food labels

Being able to print your own specialty food labels is not only convenient, it's cost-effective. Avoiding sending out orders to a third-party will also save time, especially if any adjustments need to be made to the labels due to federal standards. Businesses will also have the option to be as detailed as possible, and colorful, to catch customers' attention.

Using a VIPColor VP485 color label printer, companies can create photo-quality images that add to the overall allure of specialty food labels.

Why use DuraFast specialty food labels?

When you partner with DuraFast Label Company to create a plan for unique specialty food labels, your business - and your customers - will not be disappointed. We can supply you with professional label printers and updated software so you can design and print mass amounts of specialty food labels. 

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