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Direct Thermal Labels for Direct Thermal Barcode Printers

No Ribbon Needed

DuraFast Label Company sells direct thermal labels compatible with popular direct thermal barcode label printers like SATO, Datamax, Godex, Eltron, Fargo, NEC, Seiko, Zebra, Toshiba, CAB, Avery, Honeywell, Intermec, Printronix, TSC, and other direct thermal printers.

The direct thermal labels listed below are designed to be used with thermal printers that support direct thermal printing (without a ribbon). The ink is embedded within the labels themselves and activated by the thermal printer’s heated printhead.

We stock a selection of non-top-coated direct thermal labels. These are the most economical choice. Non-top-coated materials are acceptable for short-duration labeling applications requiring limited environmental resistance such as barcode labels, address and shipping labels and temporary name tags and visitors passes.

We also have premium top-coated direct thermal labels for medium sensitivity. These premium top-coated labels are best for applications where the label will be subject to abrasion, sunlight, moisture or light chemical contact.

In addition, we have a large direct thermal flood-coated colored label selection. These flood-coated labels have been infused with a colored dye from border to border for an even coating of color.

Our direct thermal labels have either a permanent acrylic adhesive or a removable adhesive. We can also add a custom adhesive upon request to meet your special requirements.


Direct thermal label materials utilize a heat sensitive, direct thermal coating that produces the label’s printed graphics and text when it comes in contact with the printer’s energized thermal printhead. In addition to being heat sensitive, this thermal coating is also sensitive to other environmental factors like UV exposure, abrasion, humidity, and contact with chemicals, all of which will adversely impact the printed label’s quality. A clear top-coat is added to top-coated direct thermal labels, acting as a barrier and protecting against exposures to these environmental factors.

Which type of direct thermal label is right for your application?

Whether you’re looking for the most economical option or have a specific use case in mind, we have a large selection:

  • NON-TOPCOATED PRODUCT – The most economical choice, non-top-coated direct thermal label materials are acceptable for short duration labeling applications requiring limited environmental resistance.
  • TOPCOATED PRODUCT – Best for applications where the label will be subjected to abrasion, sunlight, moisture or light chemical contact.
    • Industrial Direct Thermal labels rolls – These direct thermal labels are on larger rolls which have 3-inch cores and 8-inch roll outside diameter (OD). These industrial direct thermal label rolls work with all of the leading industrial thermal printers.
    • Fan-folded direct thermal labels – These direct thermal labels are fan-folded in large cartons and can be used with both industrial thermal printers and desktop thermal printers.
    • Desktop direct thermal label rolls – These direct thermal label rolls are designed to fit the smaller desktop barcode label printers and consist of label rolls with 1-inch cores and roll diameters of 4” OD or 5” OD. Note, the 4-inch OD rolls work with all the desktop direct thermal printers.
    • Mobile direct thermal label rolls – We have a selection of direct thermal labels for mobile printers which generally consist of 0.75” cores and 2.625” roll OD.

Here you’ll find direct thermal label rolls in a variety of configurations with different colors, core sizes, outside diameter (OD) sizes, label materials, adhesives, label widths, label counts, label shapes, and label sizes. We have both pre-die-cut and continuous direct thermal labels as well as labels on liners with perforations. If you can’t find exactly what you need in our standard selection of direct thermal labels, we can make custom labels for your direct thermal label printer upon request.