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Label Handling

Digital label cutters, finishing systems, label dispensers, label applicators, and label counters help to increase efficiency in any warehouse or manufacturing facility. DuraFast Label Company has the tools you need to take label production to the next level.

Digital Label Cutters

Several options are available for cutting labels. For example, our SC1000x sheet label cutter cuts labels from label sheets whereas the ADSI PS1400 cuts label sheets from label rolls, which automates conversion from rolls to sheets. Digital die cutters cut specific shapes of labels. Another type of label cutter is called a slitter. Slitters cut a label roll into two or more rolls by slitting the material as it moves from roll to roll.

Label Finishing Systems

Label finishing systems are multifunction units that "finish" a printed label roll. They typically include a cutter, slitter, waste matrix remover, and laminator. As the labels move through the machine, the labels are cut and possibly slit, the matrix removed, and laminated in a single operation.

DuraFast Label Company sells several label finishing systems including a mini label finishing system for the Epson TM-C7500 and larger units that can handle label rolls up to 13 inches wide.

Label Dispensers

Label dispensers are typically used for bulk label rolls. They dispense the labels one at a time to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your workers as they take them off. Label dispensers are handy in shipping, receiving, warehouse inventory control, and production areas.

DuraFast Label Company has several label dispensers including both automatic and manual dispensers.

Label Applicators

Label applicators are used to automatically or semi-automatically label a product. They stabilize the product and allow for fast, accurate label application without wrinkles or bubbles.

DuraFast Label Company has several label applicators to choose from including flat surface and cylindrical label applicators. Depending on what you are labeling, DuraFast Label Company can suggest the best label applicator for your needs. For example, if you need to label wine bottles with both a front and back label, the Primera AP362 is a great choice.

Label Counters

Label counters are used to count the number of labels that are present on a label roll. This is especially helpful when you are unsure how many labels are left or want to be sure you have enough labels for a certain job. Label counters typically work by moving the labels from one roll to the next. A sensor counts the labels as they move past. This is much more accurate than manual counts. We offer both digital (automatic) and mechanical (where someone turns the wheel) label counters to suit your needs.

Other Label Handling Accessories

In addition to label cutters, finishing systems, dispensers, applicators, and counters, we have several other label handling accessories to help make your labeling jobs faster and more efficient. These include matrix removal equipment, UV coaters, label roll stackers, label rewinders and unwinders, and various accessories.

For more information on digital label cutters and finishers, label dispensers, label applicators or counter check out the selection below or call us at (866) 299-0066 to speak with one of our friendly sales representatives.