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Digital label cutters that cut it for label production

Product presentation doesn’t have to look monotonous or require effort-draining manipulations. With a digital label-cutting machine, you gain the ability to cut professionally printed stickers of varying shapes, slit, and laminate them quickly and precisely. The process is automated to accelerate high-volume labeling cycles.

There are many cutters to pair with industrial and commercial printers. They will handle a range of label stocks, adhesives, and sizes while giving you control of your production process.

When a digital label printer and cutter join forces

Cutting curves and small details with a manual device is physically taxing and time-consuming. This is especially true when there are thousands of pages, flyers, bottles, or other items to label.

The digital label cutters for sale can handle whatever cuts you need, from intricate ones to miles-long sheet ones, with laser-guided precision. These devices are outfitted for the task with:

  • Optical sensors to detect label sheets/rolls. They ensure accuracy during the further cutting process.
  • Screen interface to program cuts. Once you load your label stock and select a cut file, the unit automatically feeds, cuts, and stacks finished stickers.
  • Compatibility-enhancing features. Label cutters can work with various printer types, such as inkjet, laser, and thermal units.

If other features are of importance to you, check out each cutter in detail. Some systems offer optional laminating and other post-print processing to create water-resistant stickers.

Types of digital label-cutting machines for sale

To make the best investment, keep your business goals and requirements at the forefront as you evaluate the options:

  • For big jobs. Roll-to-sheet cutters are engineered for high-volume printing and converting roll substrates into sheets. They are unmatched for operations requiring thousands of pieces per day.
  • Mini and robust. Sheet label cutters are compact machines intended for cutting individual sheets. They are a more affordable and space-efficient option for low- to mid-volume cycles.
  • Fully fledged. Label printer & cutter systems facilitate print-and-cut workflows for wide-format digital presses. They contour-cut pre-printed sheets and perform various finishing tasks for the most efficient production experience.

Cutting stickers with scissors? Don’t do it the hardest way, and don’t hire more people for the job. Invest in a digital label cutter for sale! Whatever cutting system you pick, you will benefit from the excellent prices that DuraFast Label Company is known for. They will widen your possibilities for in-house label production through digital printing and finishing.

How to buy a cutting machine

Add the machine that fits your printer and label production technicalities to your cart and checkout. We accept all major credit cards, plus PayPal and Amazon Pay. 

We will ship your digital label-cutting machine within one day. Delivery rates are calculated based on the weight and dimensions of your unit. You’ll be updated on the costs involved before your cutter is dispatched. With lightning-fast shipping to Canada and the US and machine options for every customer, we can help you turn precision cutting into an on-the-fly process in an instant.