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PS 1400 Roll to Sheet Automatic Cutter

2 Weeks
190.00 LBS
$300.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

iTech PS1400 Automatic Roll-to-Sheet Cutter

The new iTech PS1400 automatic roll-to-sheet cutter automates the conversion of roll-based labels and other continuous materials into cut sheets. Whether you have rolls of labels, brochures, flyers, vinyl window clings, decals, signs, or other documents, the iTech PS1400 makes it fast, easy, and economical to convert them into perfectly cut sheets.

The PS1400 sheet cutter features a 14-inch width and a rotary carbide knife that cuts web widths ranging from 4 to 14 inches into label sheets of any size up to 32 inches long. It can reach a speed of up to 30 feet per minute. The PS1400 sheet cutter is accurate to within 0.008 inches.

An intuitive display on the unit allows you to select the cutting mode and adjust the settings with a few buttons and knobs. The PS1400 includes an auto feeder and custom stand. It is completely self-contained and ready for automated, on-demand sheet cutting.

In addition, the iTech PS1400 roll-to-sheet cutter has three cutting modes:

-   Continuous Sheet Mode - With continuous mode, you set the desired sheet length and the cutter will cut from that length continuously.

-   Single Cut to Mark Mode - With single cut to mark mode, you’ll print a black eyemark on the facestock ,and the cutter will detect and cut at that exact point each time.

-   Double Cut to Mark Mode - With double cut to mark mode, you’ll print two black eye marks, one for the start of the label and one for the end of the label. The PS1400 detects these two eye marks and cuts at both points to cut out the extra white space in the gutter.

The iTech PS1400 is manufactured in the United States in New Hampshire. It is designed specifically for converting roll materials into sheets.

iTech PS 1400 Specifications

  • Three Modes                        : Single cut to mark, double cut to mark and sheet
  • Blade Type:                             Circular rotational carbide
  • Mechanical Accuracy:            0.008 inch (0.2 mm)
  • Media Width                     : 4 to 14 inches (102 - 355 mm)
  • Power Requirements:             100 - 120, 200 - 240 VAC, 2A@120 VAC -1A@240 VAC
  • Linear Speed Sheet Mode      : Up to 30 feet per minute
  • Operating Temperature:         0 to 40 degrees Celsius
  • Operating Humidity:    5 to 95 percent relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Dimensions:                L 33” x H 44” x W 30”
  • Min. Length                 : .5 inches (13mm)
  • Max. Length                : 45 inches (1140mm)
  • Weight                         : 190 lbs.