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VIPColor VP485 Ink Cartridges

If your business is expanding and you're quickly growing your product line, you may find yourself constantly short of labels. New SKUs, barcodes and targeted marketing promotions can quickly increase your need.

Using an outside printer may have been convenient when you only had few labeling projects, but at this point, you may want to consider doing this work in-house. VIPColor's VP485 color label printer was made just for this purpose and can produce high-quality short run custom color product labels whenever you need them.

With this printer you'll never again have to deal with excessive setup and plate fees ever again. In addition, printing your own labels as you need them will prevent overproduction and waste.

The VP485 uses four large (CYMK) separate cartridges in cyan, magenta, yellow and black. They are easy to access and can be replaced separately. By using different cartridges instead of containing the inks in one, waste is reduced and your overhead costs will stay down. Additionally, VP485 inks are water-based dye inks that are developed by Hewlett-Packard, and provide great smudge and scratch resistance.

Along with the VP485 print heads, the complete inkjet printing technology used in the VP485 is developed by Hewlett-Packard - a global leader in this industry.

According to the manufacturer, the VP485 has the lowest cost of ownership of any inkjet label printer in its class. It is one of the best products for small businesses that need to do printing internally, but don't have the funds for the most expensive printer on the market.

DuraFast only sells original ink cartridges and print heads manufactured by VIPColor for the VP485 color label printer. The VP485 uses 4 ink cartridges for each color and two print heads. One print head holds the yellow/black and the second print head holds the cyan and magenta ink cartridges.

Only original ink cartridges produced by VIPColor will produce the best quality labels. These ink cartridges are designed for single use only and are not refillable.

It's possible to successfully print labels from your office and you shouldn't hesitate to explore your options. Contact the experts at DuraFast Label Company to find out why you should use only original VIP Color VP485 ink cartridges and print heads with your VP485 color label printer.