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VIPColor VP495 Ink Cartridges

With its Durable Ink printing technology developed by Hewlett-Packard, the VIPColor VP495 printer represents a new generation in the color label printing industry. Unlike most of its competitors, the VP495 is designed to house its four pigment-based ink colors in separate tanks instead of keeping them all in one cartridge. The result of this is reduced waste and lower costs.

The VP495 pigment inkjet technology is developed by Hewlett Packard and is designed to allow you to print your own GHS and BS5609 certified labels in house. In addition to GHS labels, you can also successfully print hardware labels, horticulture labels and chilled food and beverage labels with VIPColor VP495 printer cartridges.

VIPColor Durable ink technology is an all HP pigment-based ink system that can deliver professional and high-quality labels that are water and light resistant and can last outdoors for up to 12 months. HP Pigment inks differ from dye-based inks because they are water insoluble. This means that they are more durable and unlikely to smear or fade due to water. 

VP495 printer cartridges must be used with VIPColor Durable Ink print heads. Built on silicon wafers, the print head uses photolithography to maintain accuracy and alignment resulting in high-quality and reliable printing results. The separate ink and print heads allow for a more flexible design. In addition, two cartridges can be attached to a single print head, which results in the VP495 having a smaller overall design than most of its competitors in the same category. 

A print head of a VP495 printer will need to be replaced whenever a liter of ink has been used, which is the equivalent of 35 ink cartridges. This can vary, however, based on how frequently you use the printers and if you print with certain colors more often than others. 

If you're using a VIPColor VP495 printer, you should only purchase original VIPColor VP495 ink cartridges and print heads from DuraFast Label Company so that you can produce the best quality labels.