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DPR Matrix Remover & Label Slitter System

60.00 LBS
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DPR Matrix-Remover SystemDPR Matrix Remover & Label Slitter System

This machine can unwind, remove the label matrix from a die cut  label roll, slit thanks to one or more cutter blades, and rewind onto a 3” motorized core holder rewinder. The label matrix is the excess label material around each die cut 

Our Matrix Remover / Slitter can

  •               Unwind label rolls
  •               Remove the matrix
  •               Slit label rolls
  •               Rewind label rolls


Benefits of Using a Matrix Remover

By printing on die cut label rolls with the matrix intact, you can be assured that your labels are completely printed, edge-to-edge (with full bleeds). In addition, printing outside the label (on the matrix) is not a problem as the label paper accepts the ink without pooling, smudging, or smearing as it's prone to do when the matrix is absent.

Benefits of Using a Label Roll Slitter

This matrix remover includes an integrated label slitter which allows you to slit multiple labels onto individual label rolls. This is particularly advantageous if you have an Afinia label printer or other Memjet printer with a fixed print head. By going with a wider roll containing two or more labels across, you can double, triple, or quadruple the printer's label printing speed.

Wider label rolls with multiple labels across generally cost less per label than thinner rolls with just one label across. By using the matrix remover and slitter, you can increase printing speeds and lower your per label costs at the same time. Because the matrix remover and slitter unwinds, slits, and rewinds rolls as part of the matrix removal process, you'll end up with separate rolls for each set of labels — each ready for application.

 Enjoy the benefits of faster label production and lower costs by ordering a Matrix Remover and Slitter from DuraFast Label Company today.



• 100/240VAC - 2.5A at 24V Power Supply
• Dimensions:
- Height: 25.59”
- Width: 35.43“
- Depth: 19.68”
• 4 Blades Included
• 3” Fixed Core Holders
• Maximum Outside Roll Diameter 9.84”
• Maximum Label Width 8.66”
• Minimum Slitting Width 0.98”
• Manual speed Adjustment
• Label Rewinding Face-Out only

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