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STA 8130 Easy Release Laminate Film 8.25x2500 Linerless

20.00 LBS
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STA 8130 Laminate: Add an "Easy Release" Lamination Layer to Your Printed Labels

Size: 8.25" x 2500 feet on 3" core, Linerless

STA 8130 Laminate features an "easy release" silicon coating that results in a quieter sounding production environment and allows you to create labels that release easily. For example, easy release lamination layers are commonly used to create labels that unfold to reveal extended information as well as removable coupons and "piggyback" labels.


Protect and Enhance Printed Labels with STA 8130 Laminate

In addition to providing for an easy release, STA 8130 laminate film creates a glossy, protective layer that helps make your printed labels more durable. For example, with a STA 8130 lamination film on top, your printed labels will have greater resistance to moisture, chemicals, abrasion, UV light, and oil.


STA 8130 Laminate Compatibility

These STA 8130 Laminate rolls are compatible with most industrial digital label finishing systems like the Afinia Eclipse LF3, DLP-2000, Primera FX1200 or DPR Scorpio Plus digital label finishers. Simply place the STA 8130 Laminate roll into your label finishing system and begin finishing operations. When used with a label finishing system, STA 8130 Laminate rolls apply a thin lamination layer to your printed labels while the labels are wound from one label roll to another. This lamination layer can be added during the finishing process before the labels are cut. From there, the rolls are slit, and the waste matrix is removed.


STA 8130 Laminate Details

STA 8130 laminate arrives on a large, 8.25-inch wide roll with 2500 feet of material. There is no liner, thereby reducing waste. The lamination layer goes on clear and is very smooth. STA 8130 Laminate is a super smooth clear polypropylene film with a low odor, solvent-free, water-based acrylic adhesive layer. The polypropylene layer is 1.20 mils thick with a +/- 5 % variation while the adhesive layer is about 0.80 mils thick for a total thickness of 2.0 mils. STA 8130 Laminate complies with FDA regulations (21 CFR 175.105 and 21 CFR 177.1520) covering labels that come in contact with food products.


STA 8130 Laminate is in Stock and Ready for Shipment

DuraFast Label Company has everything you need to print and finish professional labels including STA 8130 Laminate, cores, blank media, color label printers, and digital finishing systems. Use STA 8130 Laminate and your digital label finishing system to laminate and protect labels printed on the Afinia R635, Afinia L801, iSys Label Edge 850, Primera CX1200, UniNet iColor 700, and other digital label presses.


STA 8130 Laminate easy release laminate film can dramatically improve the durability of your printed labels. Place your order today.