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Brother 4D Thermal Printer | 4-Inch Direct Thermal Barcode Label Printers (No Ribbon Required)

Welcome to your comprehensive source for Brother TD 4D direct thermal barcode label printers at Our selection of TD 4D printers represents a perfect blend of performance, reliability, and value, designed to meet the unique labeling requirements of every business. Each printer in the TD 4D series boasts a 4-inch wide printing capacity, ideal for producing high-quality barcode labels swiftly and efficiently.

As direct thermal printers, the TD 4D models operate without the need for ink, toner, or ribbon, reducing operating costs and maintenance time. The heat-sensitive material used in the printing process ensures sharp, accurate, and easily readable labels. These printers excel in high-volume applications such as shipping labels, receipts, or ticket printing.

Innovative, durable, and versatile, the Brother TD 4D series caters to a broad range of industries, offering practical solutions for retail, logistics, healthcare, and more. Experience high-speed printing without compromising on quality or clarity. is dedicated to connecting you with advanced printing technology tailored to your specific business needs. Explore our Brother TD 4D thermal printer line-up, and discover how we can transform your business labeling process today.

In our expansive Brother TD 4D printer lineup, you'll find an array of models designed to cater to your precise business needs. We offer both 203 dpi and 300 dpi models, allowing you to select the level of detail and clarity that best suits your labeling requirements. In terms of connectivity, our models come equipped with standard USB and Ethernet for reliable network integration, while wireless and Bluetooth options are available for seamless, untethered operation. Need added functionality? We've got you covered with models featuring integrated cutters and peelers, streamlining the labeling process even further. Whatever your unique needs and preferences may be, has a Brother TD 4D printer for you. Explore our range and find the perfect fit to optimize your business productivity today.

What type of labels can the Brother TD 4D print?

The Brother TD 4D printer series delivers exceptional versatility, capable of printing a broad range of direct thermal labels, direct thermal tags, direct thermal wristbands, and direct thermal receipt rolls. Accommodating label rolls with a maximum diameter of 5 inches and core sizes of 1-inche, this printer offers flexibility to suit various applications. Whether you're printing shipping labels, product tags, patient wristbands, or retail receipts, the Brother TD 4D series offers high-quality, efficient printing solutions for your business needs.

With the Brother TD 4D printer, you have the freedom to use any direct thermal printable label, tag, wristband, or receipt roll that is up to 4 inches wide and on a 1-inch core, offering unparalleled versatility for all your business printing needs. See our Direct Thermal Label selection.

Compare Brother TD 4D Direct Thermal Printer Models

TD 4D 203 DPI Direct Thermal Printer Models
Feature/Model TD-4210D TD-4410D TD-4420DN TD-4420DNC TD-4420DNP
Print Technology Direct Thermal Direct Thermal Direct Thermal Direct Thermal Direct Thermal
Max Print width 4.3" 4.3" 4.3" 4.3" 4.3"
Resolution 203 dpi 203 dpi 203 dpi 203 dpi 203 dpi
Max print speed 5 ips 8 ips 8 ips 8 ips 8 ips
Communications Interface USD USD USB/LAN USB/LAN USB/LAN
Options Inculded       Cutter Peeler
Price (USD) $358.00 $413.00 $495.00 $627.00 $550.00


TD 4D 300 DPI Direct Thermal Printer Models
Feature/Model TD4520DN TD4520DNC TD4520DNP TD4550DNWB TD4550DNWBC TD4550DNWBP
Print Technology Direct Thermal Direct Thermal Direct Thermal Direct Thermal Direct Thermal Direct Thermal
Max Print width 4.3" 4.3" 4.3" 4.3" 4.3" 4.3"
Resolution 300 dpi 300 dpi 300 dpi 300 dpi 300 dpi 300 dpi
Max print speed 6 ips 6 ips 6 ips 6 ips 6 ips 6 ips
Communications Interface USB/LAN USB/LAN USB/LAN USB/LAN/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth USB/LAN/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth USB/LAN/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
Options Inculded   Cutter Peeler   Cutter Peeler
Price (USD) $550.00 $682.00 $605.00 $633.00 $765.00 $688.00