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SATO CL408NX RFID Thermal Label Printer

The SATO CL408NX RFID printer is a direct thermal / thermal transfer label printer with RFID functionality, allowing you to print and encode RFID labels and smart tags with one unit. The standard SATO CL408NX RFID thermal printer includes USB, parallel, serial, and Ethernet ports as well as NFC and Bluetooth connectivity.

With its cast aluminum frame and solid construction, the SATO CL408NX RFID thermal printer is an industrial unit designed for a variety of label printing applications such as: RFID label encoding and printing, asset management, retail labeling, logistics tracking, transportation, shipping and receiving, carton labeling, pallet labeling, inventory management, compliance labeling, and more.

The SATO CL408NX RFID thermal label printer is easy to use and maintain. A 3-5-inch full color LCD touchscreen offers a rich user experience complete with printer controls, video guidance, and real-time messaging about the printer’s status.

The SATO CL408NX RFID thermal printer features certified integration with SAP Auto ID Infrastructure and includes 2 GB Flash and 320 MB RAM. It prints 4-inch-wide labels and can hold label rolls up to 10 inches in outside diameter. As a direct thermal / thermal transfer label printer, the SATO CL408NX RFID can be used with or without a ribbon. For thermal transfer printing, the SATO CL408NX RFID can use thermal ribbons up to 600 meters long. Print speed varies based on the model and its print resolution. For example, the SATO CL408NX 203dpi model prints up to 10 inches per second whereas the 609 dpi model prints up to 6 inches per second.


SATO CL4NX™ Series RFID Printer Pricing

The SATO CLNX series of RFID thermal label printers offers easy setup, operation, and maintenance as well as a robust standard feature list. The base model comes USB, parallel, serial, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and NFC. In addition, the SATO CL408NX RFID thermal printer comes with either of the two following RFID protocols:

  • UHF EPC Multiprotocol - Supports UHF EPC Class 1, 0+ and Gen 2. UHF is a great choice for inventory management, shipping and receiving, asset tracking, and distribution.
  • HF 13.56 MHz - Supports ISO 15693, NFC, I-Code and Tag-It™ Standards. HF is a great choice for closed loop applications such as baggage handling, libraries, and asset tracking.

The SATO CL408NX RFID thermal label printer is available in the following configurations:


Model - Description

SATO CL408NX - 4.1" 203 dpi RFID Printers
Model - DescriptionCL408NX RFIDCL408NX RFID
w/Dispenser and Rewinder
Base Model + UHF RFID, RTC WWCL00061R
Base Model + UHF RFID, WLAN, RTC WWCL00081R
Base Model + HF RFID, RTC WWCL00061T
Base Model + HF RFID, WLAN, RTC WWCL00081T


SATO CL408NX RFID Thermal Labels

DuraFast Label Company has blank thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels, and blank RFID thermal labels compatible with the SATO CL408NX RFID thermal printer. We stock many standard RFID labels and tags for immediate delivery.

Custom RFID Labels & Tags

Need an unusual RFID label or tag size, shape, or material? DuraFast Label Company can make custom RFID thermal labels and tags for the SATO CL408NX RFID label printer per your specifications. Request a quote based on your unique specifications and requirements today.

SATO CL408NX RFID Thermal Ribbons

The SATO CL408NX RFID thermal printer accepts thermal transfer ribbons up to 600 meters long. We have a large selection of compatible thermal ribbons for the SATO CL408NX RFID and are happy to send free ribbon samples upon request for testing purposes. Send us an email with your mailing address, SATO printer model number, and the label type and we’ll send them out promptly.