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SATO CL408NX RFID Thermal Label Printer: Robust, Versatile, and Reliable

The SATO CL408NX RFID printer is a versatile unit that combines the capabilities of direct thermal / thermal transfer label printing with RFID encoding. This all-in-one industrial printer offers a range of connectivity options including USB, parallel, serial, Ethernet, NFC, and Bluetooth.

Sturdy Design for Various Industrial Applications

Constructed with a cast aluminum frame, the SATO CL408NX RFID printer is designed for a myriad of label printing applications such as:

  • RFID label encoding and printing
  • Asset management
  • Retail labeling
  • Logistics tracking
  • Transportation
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Carton labeling
  • Pallet labeling
  • Inventory management
  • Compliance labeling

User-friendly SATO CL408NX RFID Thermal Printer

Its user-friendliness and ease of maintenance make the SATO CL408NX RFID printer a top choice among industrial units. The printer comes with a 3.5-inch full-color LCD touchscreen that provides printer controls, video guidance, and real-time status updates.

High-performance Features of the SATO CL408NX RFID Thermal Printer

The SATO CL408NX RFID thermal printer boasts a wide array of features:

  • Certified integration with SAP Auto ID Infrastructure
  • 2 GB Flash and 320 MB RAM
  • Capability to print 4-inch-wide labels
  • Label roll accommodation up to 10 inches in diameter
  • Operable with or without a ribbon
  • Use of thermal ribbons up to 600 meters long for thermal transfer printing
  • Varied print speed based on model and print resolution

SATO CL4NX™ Series RFID Printer Pricing

The SATO CLNX series of RFID thermal label printers are renowned for their ease of setup, operation, and maintenance. They offer a comprehensive set of standard features and various connectivity options including USB, parallel, serial, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and NFC.

The SATO CL408NX RFID thermal printer supports two key RFID protocols:

  • UHF EPC Multiprotocol: Includes support for UHF EPC Class 1, 0+ and Gen 2, ideal for inventory management, shipping and receiving, asset tracking, and distribution.
  • HF 13.56 MHz: Supports ISO 15693, NFC, I-Code, and Tag-It™ Standards. The HF option is suitable for closed-loop applications such as baggage handling, libraries, and asset tracking.