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Toshiba Tec B-SX8T 8-Inch Industrial Near Edge Barcode Printers

Toshiba TEC 8-inch Near Edge Barcode Printers

Toshiba TEC 8-inch industrial barcode printers are designed for high-volume printing and feature a near edge printhead, advanced connectivity options, increased expandability options, and higher processing speeds. These printers also offer easy maintenance and cost savings, making them ideal for various environments and applications.

If you're looking for a wide web industrial barcode printer that can handle large printing volumes with outstanding performance and functionality, Toshiba TEC's B-SX8T series is a great option. These printers have a low overall cost of ownership.

Speed and Performance

The B-SX8T series can print up to 8 ips, making them fast and productive. The speed comes from the near edge printhead, powerful processor, and large internal memory. These 8" Toshiba TEC near edge printers also have a high print resolution of 300 dpi, ensuring that your prints are always clear and legible.

Ribbon capacity is important to consider when you're looking at high-volume printing. Toshiba 8" near edge printers can hold ribbon lengths up to 300 meters, so you can print for longer periods of time without having to stop and reload ribbon. This is a big time saver, especially in high-volume printing environments.

Another performance consideration is connectivity. The B-SX8T series has parallel, USB, LAN, and serial ports and an expansion port for additional connectivity options. This allows you to connect the printer to various devices and computers.

Optional components include a real-time clock, peel-off unit, cutter module, and expansion board. These components can be added to the printer as needed, giving you the ability to expand the functionality of the printer as your needs change.

Applications and Use Cases

With an 8-inch width, Toshiba TEC 8" near edge printers are versatile and can be used in a variety of industries and applications. Some common examples include:

  • Retail: Price labeling, shelf labeling, barcoding
  • Manufacturing: Product identification, parts labels, carton labels, asset management
  • Transportation and logistics: Shipping labels, pallet labels, compliance labeling
  • Other industries: chemical labeling, drum labeling, pharmaceutical labeling, textile labeling

Toshiba TEC 8-inch near edge printers are a great option for any business that needs high-volume, industrial printing. With their fast print speeds, large ribbon capacity, and expandable functionality, these printers can handle even the most demanding printing jobs.

DuraFast Label Company has a wide selection of Toshiba TEC barcode printers for all your printing needs, including wide web 8-inch near edge printers, parts and accessories, blank labels, ribbons, and supplies.

Check out our selection of 8-inch near edge printers below or contact us to learn more about Toshiba TEC barcode printers and how they can benefit your business. Our experts will help you find the right printer for your specific application and needs.