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iColor 600 Tabloid Apparel Plus Media Transfer Printer - Discontinued

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UniNet iColor 600 Tabloid White Media Transfer Printer with White RIP

The UniNet iColor 600 tabloid white media transfer printer is one of the most versatile sheet and media transfer printers on the market. The iColor 600 is commonly used to print everything from media transfers, brochures, and tabloid-sized newsletters to labels and banners. However, where the iColor 600 shines is in its ability to print white underprint and over layers in a single pass. The iColor 600 includes a white toner kit and iColor Transfer RIP software which allows for single pass underprint- and over-printing with white. It is also a wide format media transfer printer with the ability to print on tabloid size media measuring up to 11.6 inches by 52 inches.

As if the white underprint- and overprinting capabilities and wide format size weren’t enough, the iColor 600 can easily be upgraded with optional toners including a fluorescent toner kit for fluorescent colors, clear toner for watermarks and other effects, and security toner.

For example, to print fluorescent colors with white toner, you would simply need to swap out your CMY toner cartridges with the iColor 600 fluorescent CMY toner cartridges and then swap out the iColor 600 black toner cartridge with the iColor 600 white toner cartridge.

UniNet iColor 600 Features at a Glance

-   LED technology with low temperature fusing — allows for printing on a wide variety of media including polyester, paper, vinyl, transparent film, magnetic media, and more.

-   One-pass printing including white under print

-   iColor TransferRIP software

-   Up to 35 ppm color/monochrome print speed

-   1200 dpi

-   Works with Windows and Mac computers

-   Print on media up to 11.6” x 52”

What Can You Print with the UniNet iColor 600?

The iColor 600 is ideal for printing large format labels, sheets, media transfers, and banners due to its tabloid-size capacity. You can also use this media transfer printer to print smaller labels and media transfers. In either case, consider pairing the iColor 600 with the Gemini sheet label digital die cutter. This combination allows you to print multiple labels per sheet with the iColor 600 and then digitally cut them to any size or shape using the Gemini die cutter.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited when you own the UniNet iColor 600. For example, you can use the iColor 600 to print your own:

-   Full color sheet labels

-   Tabloid-sized marketing materials

-   Custom label shapes and sizes (cut your labels with the Gemini sheet die cutter, sold separately)

-   Color sheet labels with white on dark or clear media

-   T-shirt transfer sheets

-   Oversized media transfers

-   Large format GHS BS5609 chemical drum labels

-   Apparel transfer sheets

-   Window cling sheets

-   Retail packaging

-   Color banners with white or fluorescent colors

Using the UniNet iColor 600 to Print Apparel Transfer Sheets

The UniNet iColor 600 tabloid sheet and media transfer printer is an excellent apparel printer, especially with its included white toner kit. Use the iColor 600 along with blank media transfer sheets and a heat press. With the whitest and most opaque white toner available, the iColor 600 produces stunning full color graphics with white underlays or overlays on a variety of materials. With its low temperature LED laser technology, you can print on a variety of materials that would otherwise melt in a traditional laser sheet printer.

The iColor 600’s toners also feature the best durability and are rated to last for over 100 wash cycles.

DuraFast Label Company is pleased to offer robust, full color label and apparel printing solutions such as the UniNet iColor 600 sheet printer, replacement toner cartridges, iColor media, and accessories. Business financing is available on approved credit. Contact us today to learn more or request sample labels.

Check out our selection of A4 (8.27”x11.69”) and tabloid sized transfer media that you can use with the iColor 600:

DuraFast Label Company has everything you need to produce custom apparel including the iColor 600 tabloid sheet and media transfer printer, Stahls’ Hotronix heat presses, and transfer media. The combination of the iColor 600 and the Stahl’s Hotronix heat press provides a complete solution. Get started today!

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