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NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro 3 Printers

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NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro 3 Printers | NLDPXX003S

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro is one of the most popular editions of NiceLabel label printing software thanks to its robust features geared toward small and mid-sized businesses. NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro 3 Printers (NLDPXX003S) allows for unlimited users and is licensed to work with up to three networked printers. If you add more printers in the future, you can increase the printer licenses as your business grows. Everyone in your business can now install the Nicelabel Designer Pro on their own computer and design and print labels to your networked printers from anywhere in your local area network (LAN).

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro 3 Printers — Features

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro (3 Printers edition) label printing software has same features than the Designer Pro edition but has an unlimited user license and up to maximum of three network printer license. Below is a partial list of Designer Pro label printing software’s features:

  • Interface — Comfortable, familiar, and easy to use, NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro has an intuitive graphical interface. With unlimited users, getting up to speed with this label printing software quickly is essential, and NiceLabel 2017 makes it easy.
  • Label and Barcode Design — Packed with wizards, templates, and libraries of barcodes and symbols, this label design software provides you with a starting point that can be modified to suit your needs while helping to keep you in compliance. Designer Pro supports RFID, curved text, text wrapping, object printing based on dynamic data, built-in printer font support and more.
  • Dynamic data — If your data changes, you need label and barcode design software that can change with it. NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro supports dynamic data with features such as serialization, keyboard / scanner input at printing time, database connectivity, Excel and CSV connectivity, SQL queries, scripting for custom data processing, and more.
  • Printing — NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro works with more than 4,000 label printers and can print in duplex mode if desired. The print form is “adaptable” which allows operators to input details just prior to printing labels and barcodes. Other printing features include advanced printer cutter control, batch printing, and template storage from the printer’s memory.
  • Licensing — If your business prints labels and barcodes on one to three label printers, getting the NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro 3 Printers license allows your entire team to use the software and print on one to three different label printers throughout your facility. Additional licenses can be purchased as your business grows.

Get Your License via Electronic Delivery or CD

We send activation licenses via electronic delivery by default. When you choose this option, you’ll receive an activation code within two business days and save on shipping charges.


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Optional Service Maintenance Agreement Available

Make sure you have the latest updates and features of NiceLabel Designer Pro with the yearly service maintenance agreement. This is an optional annual purchase that protects your investment and gives you free technical support and free upgrades to the latest release of the software.


1 Year Software Maintenance Agreement



3 year Software maintenance agreement



Get a Free Trial of NiceLabel 2017

Not sure if NiceLabel Designer Pro is the right choice for your office needs? Download a 30-day trial version and use the label software free before you buy.




Designer Pro 3 Printers

Unlimited Users, 3 printer license


Designer Pro 5 Printers

Unlimited Users, 5 printer license


Designer Pro 10 Printers

Unlimited Users, 10 printer license


Designer Pro 5 Printer Add-On

5 printer add-on to above licenses


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