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Sourcing Labels Manufactured in USA & Canada

Posted by Basat Khalifa on 5th Feb 2020

The coronavirus continues to make headlines. An entire city has been cut off from the outside world in an attempt to contain the virus. While global health authorities work to understand the virus and create treatments and vaccines for it, businesses around the world are evaluating their global supply chains, many of which rely on imports from China, the epicenter of the coronavirus.

The virus has an incubation period of up to 14 days, and it’s not yet known exactly how it’s spread or how long the virus survives on surfaces. Many manufacturers are currently in the midst of seeking alternative sources for their raw materials, label and packaging supplies, and manufacturing operations due to disruptions caused by both the coronavirus and the Trump administration’s trade wars.

DuraFast Label Company would like to assure you that our labels, along with all of the raw materials used to manufacture them, are manufactured and sourced in USA and Canada. We can assure a steady supply of DuraFast labels to our customers.