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Epson LabelWorks LW-Z5010PX 2" Bulk Industrial Label Printer

Perfect for organizations looking for an economical way to print 2-inch labels in bulk, the Epson LW-Z5010PX accepts large PX tape rolls while keeping a compact footprint. Like other members of the Epson LabelWorks family, the Epson LW-Z5010PX features easy drop-in loading of PX tape cassettes. It is also bulk roll capable, allowing you to use large PX tape rolls (147 feet) by placing a bulk label roll on the included bulk supply stand and feeding the tape through the rear of the label maker.

The Epson LW-Z5010PX has an integrated QWERTY keyboard, color touchscreen display, and replaceable half-cut and full-cut components. It prints labels up to two inches wide and comes with Epson’s free Label Editor software and a mobile app, allowing you to quickly and easily design labels and barcodes. The Epson LW-Z5010PX has a lifetime warranty.

With its compact size, USB, wireless or LAN connectivity, AC adapter, and Lithium-ion Battery, the Epson LW-Z5010PX can be placed virtually anywhere, serving as either a desktop or portable label maker. It has USB, wireless, and LAN connection options and is designed to be used in office, manufacturing, warehousing, offsite, and other industrial environments. When working in the field, there’s no need for a power source or computer since the Epson LW-Z5010PX runs on battery power and allows you to create new labels from scratch directly on the unit, load previously saved labels, or create labels in the mobile app.

On its own, the Epson LW-Z5010PX is a powerful 2-inch label maker that prints a wide range of labels such as:

  • Identification labels
  • Barcodes
  • Inventory labels
  • High visibility safety labels
  • Wire wraps
  • Patch panel labels
  • Fabric iron-on labels
  • Glow-in-the-dark labels
  • Heat shrink tubes
  • And more

The Epson LW-Z5010PX and Label Editor software are straightforward to use and flexible. The Epson LW-Z5010PX includes a number of icons, symbols, barcodes, QR codes, and fonts and can import data from spreadsheets. For shorter print runs, simply drop in a PX tape cassette and begin. The Epson LW-Z5010PX is compatible with all of Epson LabelWorks PX label cassettes and supplies. For longer print runs, use a bulk label roll with up to 145 feet of continuous label tape.

When paired with optional kits and accessories, the Epson LW-Z5010PX becomes even more powerful. For example, the Epson LW-Z5010PX is available with an automatic bulk tape rewinder that attaches to the front of the label printer. As the labels are printed, they are wound onto a spindle. Rather than dealing with yards of printed uncut or half-cut tape labels, the Epson LW-Z5010PX with rewinder neatly winds the labels for easy storage or portability.

The Epson LW-Z5010PX is also available as a printer kit or a “Pro Plus” kit.

  • Epson LW-Z5010PX Printer Kit — The Epson LW-Z5010PX printer kit includes the Epson LW-Z5010PX label printer (and its included accessories like AC adapter, USB cable, Lithium-Ion battery, 250VTBWPX tape cartridge, bulk supply stand, and Label Editor software), and B224VTBWPX bulk roll supply.
  • Epson LW-Z5010PX Pro Plus Kit — The Epson LW-Z5010PX Pro Plus kit includes everything field technicians and service workers need to print labels on and off site including:
    • Epson LW-Z5010PX printer, AC adapter, USB cable, Lithium-Ion battery, 250VTBWPX tape cartridge, bulk supply stand, and Label Editor software
    • Bulk rewinder
    • B224VTBWPX bulk roll
    • One extra Lithium-Ion battery (for a total of two Lithium-Ion batteries)
    • Epson LW-PX700 handheld label printer, USB cable, and AC adapter
    • Rugged carrying case for the LW-PX700 label printer
    • Attachable magnetic feet

Take a look at the Epson LW-Z5010PX options below to find the best solution for your needs.