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Epson 2-Year Limited Warranty for Epson WorkForce, WorkForce Pro, and Supertank Printers

Epson’s Preferred Plus 2-year limited warranty on certain Epson WorkForce, WorkForce Pro, and Supertank printers includes one year of Epson Preferred Plus Premium coverage and one year of Epson Preferred Plus Standard coverage. This warranty is available on Epson EC-C110, EC-4020, EC-4030, EC-4040, EC-C8000, WF-C5210, WF-C5710, WF-C5290, WF-C5790, WF-M5299, WF-M5799, WF-6090, WF-6590, WF-C8190, and WF-C8690 printers. A separate warranty is offered on Epson WorkForce Enterprise and Epson WorkForce Pro HC series printers.

How Does the 2-Year Limited Warranty Work?

  • First year — During the first year of ownership, the printer is covered by the Epson Preferred Plus Premium warranty. If the printer requires repair during this term, Epson will replace it with either a comparable or newer model. Epson pays shipping to and from your location, and the replacement printer will arrive the next business day. Simply receive the new printer and ship your original one back in the box the new one arrived in.
  • Second year — During the second year of ownership, the warranty reverts to the Epson Preferred Plus Standard warranty. If the printer requires repair doing this term, you will need to ship the printer to Epson’s service depot for repairs. Epson will pay for ground shipping to and from the service depot. Once Epson receives the printer, a technician will repair it and ship it back to you.

Upgrade Your 2nd Year Warranty to Premium

As you can see, repairs during the first year of coverage will have minimal downtime as you will receive a replacement printer the next business day. If you would like the peace of mind that the Premium warranty offers to extend beyond the first year, you can upgrade the second year’s warranty coverage to the Premium warranty. This way, you’ll have two years of Epson’s rapid exchange coverage.

Even better, you can purchase extensions for up to 5 years.

Upgrade Your Epson Preferred Plus Warranty Up to 5 Years

Note that all of the warranty upgrades listed are sold per year and they can be purchased for the number of years where you want the upgraded or extended warranty coverage.

Epson offers several ways to upgrade the 2-year limited warranty. You can:

1.Upgrade the second year’s Standard coverage to Premium so you have two years of Premium warranty coverage.

2.Purchase Premium or Standard warranty coverage for years 3, 4 and 5.

3.Upgrade year 2 to Premium and purchase the Premium warranty for years 3, 4, or 5 for five full years of Premium warranty coverage.

No matter which way you go, Epson’s warranty on its business inkjet printers offers peace of mind ranging from one to five years. The Easy Exchange option under the Premium warranty minimizes potential disruptions due to downtime. If you’re looking for the greatest peace of mind possible, we recommend upgrading to the Premium warranty for the second year and beyond.

Which Printers are Covered by the Epson Preferred Plus 2-Year Limited Warranty?

The Epson Preferred Plus limited 2-year warranty is available for the following Epson WorkForce business inkjet printers (click on the warranty part number for the listed printer to view the warranty pricing per year):