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Seiko Direct Thermal Labels


Seiko Instruments offers the perfect solution for all office label needs with its SLP 620 and SLP 650 label printers. These reliable, versatile printers provide user-friendly performance with the ability to create, format, print and save your label designs.

Label printing was once a laborious process yielding only one label at a time, but modern business has created a demand for label printers with more capabilities, greater durability and more reliable performance. Seiko, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of office equipment and supplies, has brought the technology into the computer age, allowing the user to quickly run off as many labels as needed from start to finish.

The Enhanced Smart Label Software is compatible with all popular formats, so designs can be downloaded from outside sources. If you don’t have the design ready, these units allow you to select the areas for text, graphics, bar codes or whatever you need. Either way, you will be applying your labels in record time, and your mailing or filing will go faster than ever. There are no label sheets or unwieldy templates.

By using thermal printing that literally melts the text onto the label, Seiko has eliminated toner, ink and ribbons. Any number of labels can be printed, from one copy to thousands.

When you consider all the jobs one of these units can do, its usefulness in the office setting is obvious. If your business does a lot of mailing, you are aware that labeling can take a significant amount of time. Having a fast, reliable label printer with memory can speed up the process, producing labels of exactly the right size and texture. If your customers take the time to look closely, they will see high-quality printing in which all the elements line up and all text is legible. Since this label functions as the face of your company, it should be as attractive and accurate as possible.

Every office needs organization, and the process of labeling files, boxes and other storage containers is an essential part of establishing it. Sometimes you find something unexpected, and you need a new label on the fly. With a Seiko label printer on the desk, it only takes seconds to make one and have it in place. Stick them on file folders, shelves and anything else that needs a name or piece of information. Name tags can even keep the coffee mugs straight.