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Zebra Mobile Printers | Mobile Barcode Labelers

As the world becomes more mobile, businesses are finding ways to make their business run seamlessly with employees who can work from anywhere. Zebra understands this need for mobility and has created a line of mobile printers that allow workers to print receipts, barcodes, labels, and more on demand no matter where they are.

Zebra's mobile printer lineup includes its premium ZQ600 Series mobile printers (including ZQ600 Healthcare mobile printers), RFID mobile printers, rugged and well-equipped ZQ500 Series mobile printers, and mid-range ZQ300 Series mobile printers.

Zebra ZQ600 Mobile Printers

The ZQ600 Series mobile printers are for those seeking premium features and capabilities. These drop-resistant mobile printers are perfect for shipping and receiving, warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, and merchandising applications. The Zebra ZQ600 Series improves upon the QLN line with advanced technology and security features, faster printing and Wi-Fi connections, longer battery life, and better power management. Zebra currently offers 2-inch (ZQ620), 3-inch (ZQ630), and 4-inch (ZQ640) models. An RFID Zebra ZQ600-series mobile printer is also available (ZQ630 RFID).

Zebra ZQ600 Healthcare Mobile Printers

The ZQ600 Healthcare mobile printers are designed specifically for healthcare professionals so they can print on-demand specimens labels, patient ID cards, and more while interacting with patients. The Zebra ZQ600 Healthcare mobile barcode label printers feature disinfectant-ready materials to withstand frequent cleaning and sanitizing. As Zebra ZQ600 Series printers, they are also drop-resistant and loaded with advanced features. Zebra currently offers 2-inch (ZQ610 Healthcare) and 3-inch (ZQ620 Healthcare) models.

If your employees work in medical facilities or serve patients while out in the field, then they need Zebra's top-of-the line ZQ600 Healthcare mobile printers.

Zebra ZQ500 Mobile Printers

Zebra's ZQ500 Series mobile printers are built for heavy use in tough conditions. So tough, in fact, that they meet military grades for durability including MIL-STD 810g military standards for shock, vibration and temperature exposure. These Zebra mobile printers can withstand 1300 tumbles from 3.3 feet, significant drops to concrete, accidents, dirt and dust exposures, and even sprayed liquids. They're designed to be easy to use with large buttons that can be used when wearing work gloves.

3-inch (ZQ511) and 4-inch (ZQ521) models are available as well as an RFID version (ZQ511 RFID).

Zebra ZQ300 Mobile Printers

The ZQ300 Series mobile printers are for those seeking mid-range capabilities. These versatile mobile printers offer great performance while maintaining a low total cost of ownership (TCO). The Zebra ZQ300 series has all the features you need to get started including 2- and 3-inch models, fast print speeds, drop resistance, and ergonomic designs.

Zebra's ZQ310/ZQ320 mobile printers are ideal for retail, warehousing, delivery, transportation, and manufacturing applications both onsite and offsite.

Zebra RFID Mobile Printers

As noted earlier, Zebra currently offers two RFID mobile printers. These printers give your employees the power to print and encode RFID labels and tags on-demand without needing a computer or network connection. This is especially helpful for applications like traceability tagging, asset tracking, and more.

  • Zebra ZQ630 RFID Mobile Printer -- The Zebra ZQ630 RFID mobile printer allows your team to print and encode RFID labels and tags whenever and wherever needed. The ability to print and encode RFID labels at the point of application is critical in numerous industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, retail, supply chain management, traceability, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and many others. The Zebra ZQ630 RFID mobile printer allows your team to print and encode RFID labels as needed, resulting in improved accuracy and productivity. The ZQ630 is a durable, drop-resistant 4-inch mobile RFID printer with the advanced technologies and features of the ZQ600 lineup. It also has a fast print speed of 4.5 inches per second and accepts large label rolls with an outside diameter of 2.6 inches.
  • Zebra ZQ511 RFID Mobile Printer -- The Zebra ZQ511 mobile RFID printer is the only 3-inch mobile RFID mobile currently on the market. As part of the ZQ500 series, it features military-grade engineering and can withstand the harshest conditions. It's also fast with a print speed of up to 5 inches per second.

Zebra mobile printers are the perfect tool for workers in healthcare, retail, transportation, or warehousing environments. Whether you need a premium Zebra ZQ600 Series mobile printer, a healthcare mobile printer, a mobile RFID printer, or a mid-range option, you can find the right mobile printing solution by browsing our selection of Zebra mobile printers below.