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Afinia L301 color inkjet label printer



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Afinia L301 Color Label Printer Brings Affordable, Full Color Product Label Printing to the Desktop

The Afinia L301 color label printer is a compact unit designed for small businesses that need to quickly, efficiently, and affordably print their own “prime” product labels. Using tried-and-true HP thermal inkjet technology, the Afinia L301 label maker produces beautiful full color labels at a resolution of up to 4800 dpi.

Afinia L301 Features at a Glance

There’s a lot to love about the L301 color label printer including the following:

-    Full color product label printing

-    Up to 4800 dpi

-    Prints up to 6-inch wide labels

-    Integrated unwinder can hold 3” core based label rolls up to 6 inches in diameter

-    Prints up to 1.8 inches per second

-    Accepts a variety of label materials including matte and high gloss paper, polypropylene, polyester, name badges, name tags and vinyl label media

-    Front panel touchscreen display

-    Uses two ink cartridges: tricolor (CMY) dye-based ink and black pigment ink

-    Small size perfect for desktop color label printing

What Labels Does the Afinia L301 Use?

We have a large selection of sizes in the following labels for the L301 label maker including matte paper, high gloss paper, matte polypropylene, glossy polypropylene, clear labels, silver polyester, white polyester, name tags and badges.

How Does the Afinia L301 Handle Ink Cartridges?

The Afinia L301 color label printer uses two ink cartridges, one tricolor cartridge containing cyan, magenta, and yellow ink, and the other containing black ink only. This is the most economical setup because color label printers that rely on a single CMY ink cartridge must consume the cyan, magenta, and yellow inks to create black (the most used color in typical label designs).

Click here for pricing on Afinia L301 Ink Cartridges.

Is the Afinia L301 the Right Color Label Printer for Your Small Business?

The Afinia L301 perfectly balances quality, price, and performance, and it does so in a compact unit that’s perfect for printing beautiful color labels on-demand. This color label printer is ideal for businesses that want lower overall costs and greater control. Not only can you use the Afinia L301 color label printer to print product labels, you can also do so in limited quantities, opening the door to seasonal or personalized labels.

Affordable Label Printers for Small Business

The Afinia L301 and the Primera LX500 are the most affordable 4800 dpi full color label printers on the market. These printers are designed to print beautiful, full color product labels in small batches and are very affordable. However, these printers are not high speed printers. They are best for small businesses with a limited budget and the need for producing small batches of labels on demand where print speed is not a big criterion. If you need print speed, then jump to the Afinia L801 which will print 60 feet per minute. Of course, with high speed comes a higher investment.

Comparing the Afinia L301 and the Primera LX500, the L301 label maker provides the benefit of printing labels up to 6 inches wide versus just 4 inches wide on the LX500.

Since the L301 uses two separate ink cartridges, you will also save money on inks. Since black is the most commonly used color in all label designs, the LX500 will use the CYM colors to produce the black while the L301 will use a separate black ink cartridge to produce black at a lower cost.

In addition, since you can use label rolls that have 3-inch cores on the L301, you will have a much larger selection of label sizes to pick from, resulting in a lower cost per label in the long term. Otherwise with the LX500, you may need to order custom labels at a higher cost.

Find out how your designs will look when printed on the Afinia L301 by requesting sample labels today.

SKU L301 Extended Warranty Options Price
AL-32526 L301 Hot Swap  $                225.33
AL-32512 L301 Extended Warranty Year Two  $                312.00
AL-32519 L301 Extended Warranty Years Two and Three  $                500.00

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