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Brother 4T Safety Sign & ID Label Printing Thermal Transfer Printer | 4-Inch Barcode Printer

Welcome to, where we are proud to feature the Brother TD-4750TNWBCS – an advanced, high-resolution facility and safety label printer that elevates the standard for workplace printing solutions. With its state-of-the-art Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® wireless technology, this printer provides effortless connectivity, ensuring seamless operation wherever it's needed.

The TD-4750TNWBCS supports thermal transfer technology, using heat to transfer ink from a ribbon onto the label. This ensures a high-quality, durable print resistant to fading, making it ideal for safety labels that need to withstand harsh conditions. The printer is compatible with a wide range of ribbons, offering flexibility in your choice of print materials.

With its 300 dpi resolution, the Brother TD-4750TNWBCS can print on a variety of labels, including safety labels, asset tags, certification labels, and more. This printer accepts label rolls with a maximum diameter of 5 inches and a core size of 1-inche, providing broad versatility to fit your specific needs.

What truly sets the Brother TD-4750TNWBCS apart as the leading safety label printer on the market is its unique combination of versatility, durability, and convenience. It provides easy integration with existing systems, high-speed printing without compromising on quality, and the ability to withstand heavy-duty usage in various environments.

Take the next step in elevating your facility's safety and efficiency with the Brother TD-4750TNWBCS printer. Explore the advanced features and unmatched reliability that make it the go-to choice for businesses looking for high-quality, long-lasting labeling solutions.

What type of Safety labels can the Brother TD-4750TNWBCS produce?

The Brother TD-4750TNWBCS is an extremely versatile printer that can produce a broad array of safety labels, each tailored to meet specific industry standards and regulatory requirements. Here are just a few examples:

Hazard Communication Labels: These labels comply with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) and can include information about chemical hazards in the workplace.

Equipment Safety Labels: These labels indicate potential dangers associated with operating machinery or equipment and provide important instructions for safe operation.

Fire Safety Labels: These labels are designed to provide information on fire safety equipment locations, emergency exits, and evacuation routes.

Electrical Safety Labels: These labels warn of electrical hazards and are often used on or near electrical equipment.

Chemical Safety Labels: These labels provide important information about the safe handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals, as required by GHS (Globally Harmonized System).

First Aid Labels: These labels indicate the location of first aid kits and other emergency medical supplies.

Workplace Safety Labels: These labels are used to communicate general safety information to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

The Brother TD4750TNWBCS printer allows businesses to produce professional-grade safety labels in-house, ensuring they meet all compliance requirements while promoting a safer work environment.

Checkout our selection of Thermal Transfer Printable Safety Labels

TD 4T 300 DPI Safety Sign & ID Label Printing Soltuion
Feature/Model TD4750TNWBCS
Print Technology Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer
Max Print width 4.3"
Resolution 300 dpi
Max print speed 6 ips
Communications Interface USB/LAN/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
Software Inculded LabelSuite design software 
Price (USD) $1,100.00