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UniNet iColor 900 Color Label Printer

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UniNet iColor 900 Color Label Printer

UniNet iColor 900 Color Label Printer: Professional Results and Operational Efficiency

If you support small to medium-sized production runs, the iColor 900 digital color label printer is an affordable, fast, and high resolution label printing solution. This single pass 4 LED color laser printer is manufactured by UniNet, a global manufacturer with 25+ years of experience in the imaging industry.

The iColor 900: Increased Capacity Over its iColor 700 Sibling

The iColor 900 and iColor 700 share the same laser printing technology and are able to print high quality color labels at high speeds. The main difference between these two UniNet iColor label printers has to do with roll size. The iColor 900 accepts wider (up to 12.9 inches wide) and fatter (up to 12 inches in outside diameter) label rolls. Larger toner cartridges result in lower consumable costs.

This increased capacity translates into:

•              Faster label production — With its wider capacity, the iColor 900 color label printer can be set up to print several labels across the roll width, effectively doubling or tripling (depending on how many labels you place across the roll) output. You will need to use a label finishing system or roll splitter to finish your printed labels.

•              Longer unattended production runs — The iColor 900's larger roll capacity means that it can print more labels in a single print run.

•              Lower consumable cost – The iColor 900 has one of the lowest consumable costs in the industry.

Is the iColor 900 Digital Label Press Right for Your Business?

If you need to print your own product labels or large format GHS chemical drum labels, it could be.

A few advantages of the iColor 900 include:

•              Full color label production at 1200 x 600 dpi

•              Label production speeds of up to 30 feet per minute

•              GHS- / BS5609-compliant label printing when used with DuraFast Chemical Labels and BS5609-certified toner

•              Large format label production (accepts media widths of between 3 and 12.9 inches)

•              High volume production runs (holds label rolls of up to 12 inches in diameter)

•              Uses continuous labels roll or pre-die cut labels with or without the matrix

•              Roll-to-roll label printing

•              Prints multiple labels across for even faster label production runs

The iColor 900 is ideal for businesses that routinely have small and mid-size print runs. Learn more about the iColor 900 color label printer on our FAQs page.

Contact us today to find out if the UniNet iColor 900 color label printer is right for you.


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