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UniNet iColor FAQ

UniNet iColor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I evaluate a label printer's quality online?

Buying a label printer online is tricky because you can't see and feel the final printed label, two important factors in assessing a label printer's quality. That's why we're happy to mail you printed samples from any of the color label printers that we sell. Simply send us your design file and mailing address, and we'll be happy to oblige.

How can I tell which blank labels are the best for my applications?

We understand that it's hard to judge blank label quality or tell the differences between materials based on a picture and description posted on a website. That's why we're happy to send you free sample labels upon request. Simply use our Request Free Sample Labels form to request label samples.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We offer several shipping options including standard ground delivery and overnight shipping. While the shipping option you select will determine the arrival date, rest assured that we process most orders on the same day or within one business day of receiving payment.

Can I use labels identified for use with one manufacturer with a label printer from another manufacturer?

We do not recommend doing so. Our labels are specially formulated to produce optimal results when used with a specific color label printer. Using label stock intended for use with a toner-based label printer on an inkjet label printer may work as far as feeding the labels into the machine goes, but the results will likely be disappointing. We highly recommend using printer-specific blank media for the best results. We offer blank labels for label printer major manufacturers including Epson, Primera, Afinia, iSys, UniNet, VIPColor, and more.

Moreover, if you need to print BS5609-certified GHS labels, you must select labels that are certified for use specifically with your label printer.

How can I find blank labels for my specific label printer?

Our labels are neatly categorized by printer type. Simply find your label printer in the list and browse through the various options such as continuous label rolls, die cut label rolls, GHS BS5609 labels, or fan-fold sheets. Each of the labels listed under your specific label printer will be compatible with it and optimized for superior results.

What's the difference between a $16,000 digital label press and a $3,000 color label printer?

Obviously, there's a large price difference, but the label printers at each end of the spectrum fulfill their own unique purposes. For example, a digital label press is designed for larger print runs than an entry level desktop color label printer. It will produce more labels at once, and at a much faster speed. It may include finishing options such as matrix removal and roll slitting. If you only print a couple hundred wine bottle labels each month, investing in a digital label press would be overkill. On the other hand, if you need to print 30,000 of them each month, using a desktop label printer would be both costly in terms of ink costs and labor intensive.

If you need help figuring out which way to go, contact one of our consultants. We'll be happy to help you select the best color label printer based on your specific needs.

What’s the difference between inkjet and laser label printers?

First, there’s the technology used to print graphics and text onto the label. With inkjet label printers, liquid ink is squirted onto the label in a pattern of tiny dots. With laser label printers, a laser is used to fuse electrically charged dry toner to the label.

Traditionally, laser label printers generate a lot of heat. UniNet’s iColor laser label printers use LED lasers, which generate much less heat. Because of their low heat properties, a greater diversity of labels and adhesives can be used with iColor label printers.

Another difference between inkjet and laser label printers has to do with smudging and smearing. Depending on the inkjet technology and label materials being used, some inkjet printed labels are prone to smudges and smears. In contrast, laser printed images are fused to the label material and are dry. Thus, smudges and smears are not an issue with laser label printers.

Another important difference has to do with costs. Inkjet label printers tend to be inexpensive to purchase, but costly in terms of replacement ink costs. In contrast, laser label printers tend to cost more to purchase, but their consumable ink costs are dramatically lower.

Laser label printers are also much faster in terms of print speeds.

How can I save money on replacement ink and toner costs?

There are several ways to contain your ink and toner costs. We recommend:

  • Buying only original toner and ink cartridges, and never refilling them. Though buying cheap replacements or refilling them may seem cheaper at first glance, you’ll pay the price in terms of inconsistent print quality and, potentially, compliance. For example, when printing GHS BS5609 labels, there is no guarantee that you will meet the BS5609 requirements since generic toners are NOT certified. Generic inks and toners could also cause damage or void your warranty.
  • Buying a three-month supply of consumables to save money on shipping.
  • Keeping a reserve of replacement toners and drums on hand so that you never need to halt production or pay costly overnight shipping fees to get ink delivered quickly.

I'm having trouble finding labels in the right size, shape, and materials for my products. What do I do?

Talk to us! We can make custom labels to your specifications. We'll need your label design file, your label printer model number, and desired label characteristics (i.e., material type, size, shape, etc.)

If you have a label in a special shape, then we will need a PDF drawing of the shape with all of the dimensions and specifications marked. This will help us provide you with an accurate quote. We also need to know which printer and what type of material they want the label made from.

What computers are compatible with my iColor label printer?

UniNet’s iColor 700 and iColor 900 color label printers are compatible with Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) computers. At a minimum, your computer requires an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 150GB hard drive, a gigabit network adapter, and two available USB2 ports (for plugging in the RIP software dongles).

Does the iColor label printer come with any software?

Yes. Both the iColor 700 and 900 include Windows drivers and Harlequin RIP software. The RIP software reads your PDF files and then prints the labels.

Note that the RIP software requires installation on a Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) computer, and the administrator must be logged on. Though the RIP software can be installed on multiple computers, its communication is limited to the iColor printer and the computer that has the two USB dongles attached. The USB dongles are the license keys to the USB software. They control licensing for your software. If you lose one or both of these dongles, you will need to purchase a new license and two new dongles. This is a costly replacement, making it important not to lose the dongles.

Does the iColor label printer include label design software?

No, iColor label printers do not come with label design software. That said, these label printers are compatible with just about any label design software you may already use and like. For example, you can use Adobe Illustrator or any other Windows or Mac design software. Simply design your label, save it as a PDF file, and print it to your iColor label printer. The iColor label printer’s software opens and RIPs the PDF file. After the PDF file has been RIPped with the RIP software, you can see a preview prior to printing.

What happens if I need to replace one of the dongles that come with the RIP software?

Unfortunately, the dongles are sold as a set of two. If you need to replace one of the dongles, you will need to purchase the entire set. Please use extreme care not to lose your dongles as the replacement cost is $3395 USD.

The dongles are strictly keyed by the manufacturer.

Do you offer a payment plan on the iColor label printers?

Yes, we offer a business leasing program where you basically pay a monthly payment. Business equipment leases are tax deductible, making them a popular choice. We offer financing anywhere from 24 months to 60 months. The benefits of business leasing include: capital savings and tax deductions. Rather than paying for the equipment upfront, you pay for it as you use it on a monthly basis, freeing your capital for other purposes. Plus, the lease payments are 100 percent tax deductible as a business expense. Talk to one of our business leasing consultants to get qualified.

What is the warranty on iColor label printers?

All of the iColor label printers that we sell come with a standard, one-year warranty on parts and labor. This means that during the first year, if any part of the printer malfunctions or proves to be defective, the manufacturer will replace the defective part at no cost to you other than shipping. In most cases, the replacement part can be shipped to you, but some repairs do require shipping the printer to the factory.

Note that consumable items such as toner cartridges, drums, fusers and belts are consumable and require regular replacement. This warranty covers the non-consumable components of the printer that may fail such as the motherboard, unwinder, rewinder, etc.

What happens if I have a warranty issue?

If you have any problem with your iColor label printer, please contact us (or the manufacturer) by phone so that we can promptly identify and resolve the problem for you. If we identify a defective component, we will arrange to ship a replacement component to you via either UPS or FedEx. After you receive the replacement part, call our office and we will walk you through the removal and replacement process. This is usually a simple matter as most of iColor’s components are modular. After replacing the defective component, we’ll ask you to return it to the manufacturer.

For warranty issues that cannot be resolved via a component swap, we’d ask you to ship the printer to our service depot for high level diagnostics and repair. As long as the printer is still under warranty (one year), there would be no charge for the repair other than shipping both ways. If the printer is out of warranty, we would advise you of the expected repair costs prior to proceeding with the repair. Please note that consumable items are not covered by the warranty.

Where can I order blank labels for my iColor label printer?

Durafast Label Company manufacturers blank labels specifically engineered for use with UniNet’s iColor 700 and iColor 900 color label printers. We have a large selection including both continuous and pre-die cut labels rolls. With the continuous label rolls, we recommend using a finishing system such as the DPR Scorpio Plus. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and material types including paper (matte and high gloss), polyester, vinyl, and polypropylene labels and tags.

You don’t have the labels in the size I need. What do I do?

We offer a custom label service where we’ll create labels in any of the materials listed below to match your exact requirements.

What label materials are compatible with iColor label printers?

UniNet iColor 700 Continuous Label Rolls


Pre-Die Cut Labels

iColor 700 Matte Labels

iColor 700 High Gloss Labels

iColor 700 Semi Gloss Labels

iColor 700 Clear Polyester Labels

iColor 700 White Polyester Labels

iColor 700 Vinyl Labels

UniNet iColor 900 Continuous Label Rolls


Pre-Die Cut Labels

iColor 900 Matte Labels

iColor 900 High Gloss Labels

iColor 900 Semi Gloss Labels

iColor 900 Clear Polyester labels

iColor 900 White Polyester labels

iColor 900 Vinyl Labels

Is the iColor label printer able to print GHS BS5609 labels?

Yes, both the iColor 700 and iColor 900 are BS5609 compliant solutions. You will need to use specific BS5609-certified labels. DuraFast Label Company carries two different label types for this purpose: Glossy BOPP Chemical Labels and Matte Polyester Chemical Labels as listed below.

Pre-Die Cut Labels (GHS BS5609)

iColor 700 Glossy BOPP Chemical Labels

iColor 700 Matte Polyester Chemical Labels

Pre-Die Cut Labels (GHS BS5609)

iColor 900 Glossy BOPP Chemical Labels

iColor 900 Matte Polyester Chemical Labels

See the difference for yourself by sending us your PDF design file. We are happy to print samples and send them to you.

These labels are available on both continuous rolls and pre-die cut rolls with either the matrix removed or left on.

Is it necessary to print with the matrix on when using an iColor label printer?

The UniNet iColor 700 and iColor 900 are among just a handful of label printers that allow you to print onto pre-die cut labels with the matrix removed. In most cases, we recommend leaving the matrix on, which allows you to print full bleeds on all of your labels. With designs that include full bleeds and the matrix left in place, you can ensure that if a slight alignment issue causes the label to slip, your labels will be printed to the edge with no white showing. However, leaving the matrix on requires using a device such as our Matrix Removal System to remove the matrix once the labels are printed.

That said, you can print with the matrix removed using pre-die cut labels with the matrix removed. This is a good and efficient choice if you plan on printing a single label across and will be using a label applicator to apply your labels to your products.

Can I print white with my UniNet iColor label printer?

Yes, both the UniNet iColor 700 and the iColor 900 offer optional white toner kits (including the white toner and drum). After purchasing the kit, you can later purchase replacement toners and drums as required. When you need to print in white, you’ll simply remove the black toner and drum from your iColor label printer and install the white set. Once installed, the printer uses the CYM toners to produce black for your labels.

How do the iColor label printers compare to their competitors?

We’ve created a printer comparison page comparing the iColor 700 and iColor 900 to competing color label printers. Click the links below to jump directly to the printer comparison of your choice:

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