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What differences are there between UniNet iColor 700 and iColor 900 printers?

UniNet iColor 900 Label Press

What differences are there between UniNet iColor 700 and iColor 900 printers?

Both label printers use the same exact LED laser print technology. The UniNet iColor 900 can handle larger label production runs and can hold wider material and larger rolls. To support these larger production runs, the UniNet iColor 900 has larger toners and drums (and slightly lower consumable costs as a result).

The differences between the iColor 700 and iColor 900 are listed in the table below:


iColor 700

iColor 900

Technology (identical)

Single Pass 4 Color LED

Single Pass 4 Color LED

Print Quality (identical)

1200 x 600 dpi

1200 x 600 dpi

Print Speed (identical)

min (30 ft / min)

min (30 ft / min)

Max Media Width



Max Print Width



Max Roll Diameter

8” OD @ 500 feet

12” OD @ 1250 feet

Color Toner Capacity

11,500 pages

16,500 pages @ 5%

Color Drum Capacity

30,000 pages

42,000 pages

UniNet iColor 700For example, if you needed to print 3x4” labels on these printers, the UniNet iColor 700 could handle printing two labels across its 8.5” width. With a material length of 500 feet, you could produce 2,900 labels per roll.

With the UniNet iColor 900, you could run four labels across its 12.9” width. With a material length of 1,250 feet, you could produce 14,400 labels per roll.

Since it would take roughly the same amount of time to set up each of these jobs on either of these printers, if you run lots of large jobs, the iColor 900 would produce them much faster, with less operator intervention, and at a slightly lower toner cost. Meanwhile, the larger toner cartridges and label rolls would reduce your costs even further. The biggest cost saving comes from the manual labor involved in setting up multiple production runs – especially if you pay your staff by the hour. Think about it this way, if you had to produce 50,000 labels a day, which printer would you want to use?

The UniNet iColor 700 is a great choice for those just starting to print digital labels. As your business and label productions needs grow, an upgrade to the iColor 900 could make sense.

How do the iColor label printers compare to their competitors?

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