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What is the difference between UniNet iColor 700 and Primera CX1200 color label printers?

What is the difference between UniNet iColor 700 and Primera CX1200 color label printers?


The iColor 700 and Primera CX1200 share some similarities. For example, both are laser label printers. The iColor 700 uses a 4 color single pass LED laser while the CX1200 is a dry toner color laser label printer. Both printers can print pre-die cut labels, but the iColor 700 can print them with the matrix on or off and the Primera CX1200 cannot. Both label printers use Black Eye Mark / Reflective Gap (if matrix removed) media sensing. Both are suitable for use with label finishing systems.


On the other hand, there are some significant differences you need to be aware of. For example, the Primera CX1200 has a higher print resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi while the iColor 700 is 1200 x 600 dpi. Meanwhile the iColor 700 prints much faster at 30 feet per minute compared to the Primera’s 16.25 print speed.


The iColor 700 accepts variable media widths from 6 to 8.5 inches whereas the Primera can only handle widths of 8.5 inches. The maximum print width on the iColor is 8.24 inches while it’s just 8 inches on the Primera. The Primera CX1200 has the edge over the iColor 700 in terms of the maximum roll diameter with a 12 inch OD at 1250 feet capacity. The iColor 700 accepts an 8 inch OD at 500 feet.


The color toner and drum capacity for the iColor 700 is 11,500 and 30,000 pages respectively while the same for the Primera CX1200 is 16,500 pages for both toner and drum capacity.


In addition, the iColor 700 has an optional white toner and drum kit that allows you to print white on clear or black labels.


In summary, the Primera CX1200:

  • Prints at 2400 dpi
  • Supports 12” OD label rolls


The benefits of the UniNet iColor 700 over the Primera CX1200 are as follows:

  • Twice as fast print speed
  • Lower operating temperature, which provides for more diverse label materials including glossy polypropylene
  • Print up to 8.24” wide media
  • Prints pre-die cut labels with or without matrix on
  • Lower consumable costs thanks to the use of separate toner and drum units. The Primera CX1200’s single piece toner and drum unit results in higher consumable costs.
  • The iColor 700 has a media width range of 6” to 8.5” while the Primera CX1200 can only use 8.5” wide media. This means that you have more options when printing labels on the iColor. For example, you could save material by printing on narrower labels (less waste and lower costs). Depending on the label size, you could also print two labels across on the iColor 700, effectively doubling production.
  • You can use the media gap sensor to detect the presence or absence of the matrix on the iColor 700. It’s generally cheaper to print labels with the matrix removed. This is not possible with the Primera CX1200.
  • You can add a white toner and drum kit to the iColor 700, allowing for printing white on clear or black labels. The Primera CX1200 does not support white toner printing.

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