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What about the difference between the UniNet iColor 900 and the Primera CX1200?

Primera CX1200 Color Label Printer

What about the difference between the UniNet iColor 900 and the Primera CX1200?

The UniNet iColor 900 and Primera CX1200 have their similarities and differences. They are both full color laser label printers, with the iColor 900 using LED laser technology and the CX1200 using dry toner. They can each work with pre-die cut labels. However, the CX1200 requires the matrix to remain on while the iColor 900 can print with the matrix removed. Both of these laser printers can be used with a label finishing system, and both accept label rolls with an outside diameter of up to 12 inches. 

The UniNet iColor 900 prints much faster at 30 feet per minute compared to the Primera’s top speed of 16.25 feet per minute. The iColor 900 also supports white toner printing with its optional white toner kit while the Primera does not. The iColor 900 accepts media widths between 3 to 12.9 inches while the Primera CX1200 has a fixed 8.5 inch media width.

In summary, the Primera CX1200:

  • Prints at 2400 dpi
  • Supports 12” OD label rolls

UniNet iColor 900The Benefits of the UniNet iColor 900 over the Primera CX1200

  • Almost twice as fast.
  • Operates at a lower temperature. Therefore, it has more options for label materials including Glossy Polypropylene.
  • Supports media widths from 3” to 12.9” wide. This results in minimal wastage of material. You can run your labels one or more across depending on your needs.
  • Higher capacity toners will further save on consumables when compared to the CX1200. Savings will add up significantly if you are running large print jobs.
  • When printing pre-die cut labels with the matrix off, you will save even more on the cost of labels.


How do the iColor label printers compare to their competitors?

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