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Color Printing Is More Affordable Than You Think

Color Printing Is More Affordable Than You Think

Posted by BK on 28th Dec 2020

How many color ink cartridges have you gone through in your life? It’s not unusual to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per printer each year on ink. This is one reason why businesses often choose monochrome laser printers. However, while color printing has historically been cost-prohibitive for many business applications, Epson’s new business inkjet printers make color printing affordable. Here’s how.

  1. Heat Free Technology — Laser printers use heat, which requires long warm-up times, energy, and, in many cases, 220-volt outlets. Epson business inkjet printers are heat free, which eliminates the warm-up, conserves energy, and runs off standard 110-volt outlets. Not only can you save money on your energy bills each month with an Epson business inkjet printer, you won’t need to hire an electrician to install an outlet if your office doesn’t have a 220-volt outlet.
  2. Simplicity — This same technology is simple with fewer moving parts and less complexity than laser printers. There’s no drum, fuser, or belt to maintain and replace, and there are fewer steps involved in printing a document. Simplicity translates into to greater reliability and lower service costs.
  3. Ink capacity — Ah, but what about ink costs? The days of tiny, expensive ink cartridges are over when you choose an Epson business inkjet printer. In their place are ultra high capacity ink solutions like XL ink cartridges, Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), and “super tanks” that print tens of thousands of pages before the ink runs out. Epson’s high capacity ink solutions bring down the cost per color page dramatically.

The trifecta of no heat, simplicity, and ink capacity combine to make color printing affordable. Meanwhile, these printers are equipped with all of the features you’d expect of modern office printers and photocopiers. With the inclusion of affordable color and professional quality output, you can even print your own brochures, flyers, newsletters, programs, and other documents you’d normally send to the local print shop.

I could talk all day about how affordable color printing has become, but you probably want to know how it relates to your business. DuraFast Label Company offers a free print cost analysis where we examine your current printer and its costs and compare it to an Epson business inkjet printer. Let us show you just how affordable color printing can be when you switch to Epson.