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Take In-House Label Production to the Next Level with a Mini Desktop Label Finishing System

Posted by BK on 7th Dec 2020

Modern color label printers offer a fast, affordable way for businesses to print their own labels in house. In many cases, as with the Epson TM-C7500G, adding an optional external label rewinder essentially converts the label printer into a mini label press. Taken one step further, you can add a mini desktop label finishing system to cut, slit, laminate, and rewind your labels.

What is a Label Rewinder Used For?

Many label printers, such as the Epson TM-C7500G, come with an internal unwinder, which is used to feed the labels through the printer. An external rewinder (sold separately) is handy for winding the printed labels onto a core so that when printing is complete, you have a neat roll of printed labels. This roll can then be stored or placed in a label applicator for immediate application. It can also be run through a digital label finishing system to die cut the labels and laminate them for further conversion.

What is a Label Finishing System Used For?

A label finishing system is used to further “finish” printed labels. For example, the Afinia DLF-140s desktop mini label finishing system pairs wonderfully with the Epson TM-C7500G and other popular color label printers. The Afinia DLF-140s accepts label rolls up to 5.5 inches in width, unwinds, digitally contour cuts, slits, removes waste matrix, laminates, and rewinds labels in a single pass. Let’s take a look at the different functions.

-Digital label cutting — Rather than purchasing pre-die-cut blank labels, you can use continuous label rolls and cut the labels digitally with the Afinia DLF-140s label finishing system . The digital cutter will cut precise shapes on blank continuous label stock or around your printed labels, no die required.

-Label roll slitting — Since the Afinia DLF-140s can slit label rolls, you can print multiple labels across the 4.4” wide media web width with your Epson TM-C7500G color label printer and then slit the labels into separate rolls with the Afinia DLF-140s. For example, if you need to print 2-inch round circle labels for one application and 2-inch square labels for another, you could print the labels two across on a 4.4-inch label roll and then slit the roll in half with the Afinia DLF-140s label finishing system. Once the slitting is complete, you’d have two individual label rolls, one with the round labels, the other with the square labels. If you have an 8-inch color label printer like the Afinia L801 and would like to finish wider label rolls, consider the Afinia DLF-220s which works with 8.5-inch-wide label rolls.

-Matrix removal — After digitally cutting labels on continuous label media, excess label paper known as the matrix can be peeled off and discarded. The Afinia DLF-140s removes the waste matrix as the label material runs through the machine, winding it onto itself so it can be discarded.

-Lamination — If desired, you can add a protective or decorative lamination layer to your printed labels with the Afinia DLF-140s label finishing system. We have a large selection of laminate film available including clear gloss lamination, quiet lamination, and easy release lamination film. Custom lamination film is also available.

-Rewind and unwind operations — Labels move from one core to the next, with an unwinder on one end and a rewinder on the other.

All of these steps take place in a single process as the label material moves from one label core to the next. Once the label finishing operation is complete, you will have a neatly wound roll (or multiple rolls if slitting) of digitally cut and finished labels without a matrix.

Why Consider the Afinia DLF-140s Label Finishing System?

We offer numerous label cutters and finishing systems, one of which is the Afinia DLF-140s. If you currently use the Epson TM-C7500, the Afinia DLF-140s is an outstanding choice at an affordable price. Its specs are compatible with the Epson TM-C7500G, and its compact size makes it suitable for smaller label production environments.

The Afinia DLF-140s is also easy to use with simple unloading and loading processes and an intuitive control panel. This label finishing system allows you to print, cut, slit, and laminate labels on demand. Your per label costs will likely decrease since you no longer need to purchase pre-die-cut labels and can maximize your continuous label stock by printing multiple labels across the width and slitting the label rolls.

Learn more about the Afinia DLF-140s label finishing system here which can handle label media up to 5.5” wide or the Afinia DLF-220s label finishing system for up to 8.5” wide media for larger presses.

What About the DLF-220s Label Finishing System?

Another option to consider is the DLF-220s, which is for 8.5-inch wide media while the DLF-140s is for 5.5-inch wide medial.

What is the Difference Between the Afinia DLF-140s and DLF-220s?

Both units have all the same features and functions. The only difference is the width of the media that can be fed through the machine. For example, the DLF-140s can hold media up to 5.5 inches wide. Therefore, it’s great to bundle with 4-inch and 6-inch wide printers. While the DLF-220s can feed media up to 8.5 inches wide, it is therefore a great match with printers like the Afinia L801 and L901. Note, if you only intend to produce labels that are 4 inches and smaller, then you can use the DLF-140s with printers like the Afinia L701 and L801 to give you a low-cost label finishing solution.

See the Afinia DLF-140s and DLF-220s in action: