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Label Printing 101

Posted by BK on 7th Aug 2019

Custom product labels printed by digital label printer

Label Printing 101

Full color digital label printers and thermal barcode printers have changed the way businesses approach product packaging and labeling. Custom label printing has become practical and affordable, enabling businesses to print their own labels and barcodes in-house. Here at DuraFast Label Company, we can help you do the same with the industry’s leading color label printing solutions ranging from Ksun handheld label printers, thermal barcode printers to color inkjet and color laser label printers, digital label presses, and more.

Why Bring Custom Label Printing In-House

Today’s label printing equipment produces high resolution labels and barcodes that rival the quality of commercial services, but without the large order requirements, high cost, setup fees, and long delays. Sticker label printing takes place on demand, enabling you to print labels as needed. Because you control your custom label printing runs, there’s no more excess inventory or waste. If the information on your custom product labels changes frequently, you’ll appreciate the ability to edit your product labels before printing them.

Sticker Label Printing Made Simple

When paired with the right type of label printing equipment and label design software, sticker and barcode label printing becomes a simple task. Whether you need to print basic barcodes or intricate custom product labels, we can help you select the best label printing solution for your budget and label printing needs.

For example, there are several common use cases:

  • Portable label printingHandheld label printers are among the most portable label printers available. They are commonly used by field technicians and others who need to label electrical panels, junction boxes, patch panels, cables, and other items at various locations. Ksun handheld label printers are also popular in warehouses, libraries, and offices.
  • Thermal barcode label printing — Thermal barcode label printers typically produce black barcodes on white label materials. Using direct thermal barcode printers eliminates the need for ribbons while thermal transfer barcode printers do use ribbons. Some thermal barcode printers can be used with or without ribbons. Thermal barcode printers tend to be compact units. They’re used for everything from barcode label printing to sticker label printing, food service label printing, mailroom label printing, healthcare label printing, and receipt printing.
  • Full color custom label printingColor inkjet label printers and color laser label printers allow businesses to print their own high-resolution custom product labels, tags, tickets, wristbands, and more in full color.  Color label printing is ideal for all types of businesses including manufacturers, healthcare providers, breweries, wineries, bakeries, pet food companies, cannabis producers, hotels, restaurants, conference organizers, and more. We carry everything from compact desktop units to full blown digital color label presses with label printers to meet any budget.

Whether you need to print barcodes, junction box labels, receipts, 4-inch product labels, badges, wristbands, or large chemical drum labels, our custom label printing experts can help you select the best color label printer to reach your custom label printing goals.

What You Need for In-House Custom Label Printing

In order to get started with in-house label printing, you’ll need the appropriate equipment and supplies.

For basic handheld printing, you’ll need:

For thermal barcode printing, you’ll need:

For color custom label printing, you’ll need: sells everything you need to do your own label printing. From custom product label printing and bottle label printing to sticker label printing, barcode printing and handheld product stickers and barcodes, we have everything you need to get started. Buy online.