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BC-20 Adhesive Labels

Posted by BK on 16th Jan 2020

When it comes to labeling certain types of items, many label adhesives fall short. This is because environmental conditions can adversely affect a label’s ability to remain affixed. The labels simply won’t stay stuck to the item due to temperature changes or the presence of moisture, dust, debris, or grease.

BC-20 adhesive is a permanent, hot melt, rubber-based adhesive designed to hold onto cold, wet, dusty, or greasy substrates. DuraFast Label Company has paired BC-20 adhesive with a glossy biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) face stock to create a line of durable labels for cold packaging, wet, dusty, and greasy environments. Use BC-20 glossy BOPP labels with a pigment inkjet color label printer to print strong, durable labels.

These label applications are particularly challenging as items may become wet, dirty, or greasy during the labeling and packaging process. Even if the production environment is pristine, the items themselves may be intended for wet, dusty, or greasy environments. In both cases, you need a label that will last and remain affixed to the item.

What Can You Label with BC-20 Labels?

DuraFast Label Company has BC-20 glossy BOPP labels in a variety of shapes and sizes. BC-20 glossy BOPP labels are ideal for a wide range of applications including:

-Cold food labels — From deli containers, meat, poultry and seafood labels, dessert containers and lids, and refrigerated pet food labels to rotation stickers, coupon base, cold warehouse packaging (ie, shrink labels, inventory labels, pallet labels), cold food labels require durable labels with an adhesive that can withstand cold and fluctuating temperatures as well as condensation.

-Industrial and agricultural labels — wet labeling — Labels in industrial and agricultural environments are often subject to water and moisture. From items intended to be dunked in tanks to those that are merely exposed to water, rain, sleet, ice, or snow, wet labeling requires an adhesive that will stay stuck and won’t peel off when wet.

-Pet food, seeds, and sacks — Items packaged in paper and woven sacks tend to be stored in dusty environments. Dust can result from bag filling and overflow to external weather conditions. Whatever the case may be, the labels on these items require a durable adhesive impervious to dusty and debris.

-Waxy substrates — The bottoms of candles and wax corrugate tend to become greasy in nature, which interferes with a label’s ability to stick to the surface. These waxy and other greasy substrates require an adhesive that will stay permanently attached.

Order Free BC-20 Label Samples

It’s hard to know if an adhesive is strong and durable enough for challenging labeling applications unless you test them. That’s why we offer free label samples upon request. Simply request some free BC-20 label samples and we’ll be happy to send them your way so you can test them with your application.