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Epson SurePress Digital Label Presses - Ramp Up Production

Posted by BK on 1st Jul 2019

Ramp up label production with an Epson SurePress digital label press. DuraFast Label Company is an authorized reseller of the Epson SurePress L-6034 and the Epson SurePress L-4533AW.

Epson SurePress label presses are high volume solutions that combine performance, quality and reliability, enabling your business to produce thousands of labels with minimal intervention. Many manufacturers, distributors, and converters across the United States and around the world count on Epson SurePress label presses for all of their short-to-high volume label production needs.

Which Epson SurePress Label Press is Right for You?

Epson SurePress L-6034 — Featuring UV Ink & Digital Varnish

SurePress L-6034 SurePress L4533AW
Print Speed Up to 49 feet per minute Up to 16 feet per minute
Print Resolution 600 dpi with precision ink splatter 720 dpi
Ink Type Quick-curing UV ink Pigment resin inks (water-based)
Technology PrecisionCore Inkjet Technology MicroPiezo Technology
Specialty Inks Digital varnish, CMYK, white 7-color ink set including CMYK, orange, green and white
Ease of use Automated operation, inline maintenance Automated operation, inline maintenance

How Does Epson SurePress Compare to HP Indigo?

Epson SurePress label presses offer many of the same benefits of the high-end HP Indigo 20000 and bring some advantages of their own. Here’s a quick look at how they compare.

Epson SurePress L-6034 SurePress L4533AW HP Indigo 20000
Price range $495,000 $205,000 More than $1.5 million
Technology Epson PrecisionCore MicroPiezo HP Liquid Electrophotography
Ink type LED UV inks; CMYK+ MultiVarnish (L6034V); CMYK+MultiVarnish+White (L6034VW) White CMYK, orange, green, and white HP Indigo ElectroInk; CMYK or IndiChrome 6- or 7-process color; ElectroInk White
Media type 13.4-inch width; self-adhesive label stock, PP, PE, and PET, and paper 13.14-inch width; standard self-adhesive label stock and film (no pre-coating required); semi-gloss, gloss and matte

paper stock, clear and metallic films (L-4533AW), BOPP, PET, and Yupo

30-inch web width; paper and synthetic substrates, pressure-sensitive label stock, IML, and shrink materials
Print resolution 600 dpi 720 dpi 812 dpi
Color gamut Digital quality color gamut, tonal gradation, flat print, and lack of graininess Wide range of colors created with 7-color ink set Color gamut reaches up to 97% of PANTONE® colors
Speed 49.21 feet per minute 16 feet per minute Up to 55,119 square feet per hour
Press Dimensions 13.75' x 6.73' x 6.99' 12.43' x 6.06' x 6.6' 31.9’ x 7.87’ x 15.4’
Uses Prime labels and packaging; clear and metallized films; short- to mid-run production Prime labels and packaging; clear and metallized films; short- to mid-run production Labels, shrink sleeves, wraparound labels, flexible packaging, and in-mold labeling applications; ultra high volume production runs
Best for Mid-sized manufacturers, commercial printing facilities, and converters Mid-sized manufacturers, commercial printing facilities, and converters Large manufacturers and converters with ultra high volume requirements
Maintenance and operation In-line maintenance; unattended operation; simple operation In-line maintenance; unattended operation; simple operation Complex maintenance workflow and operator training requirements

Why Choose an Epson SurePress Digital Label Press?

Epson is an industry leader offering pioneering inkjet technologies including PrecisionCore and MicroPiezo. Epson SurePress digital label presses are packed with thoughtful features intended to deliver quality, reliability, and ease of use. With a competitive total cost of ownership, Epson SurePress label presses offer an outstanding lifetime value, too.

  • Reliable performance — Your investment in an Epson SurePress is a smart one thanks to the performance and reliability of these machines. With convenient, in-line maintenance and reliable Epson components, downtime is minimal, which means improved productivity and greater peace of mind.
  • Crisp text and graphics — Epson SurePress label presses are setting a new standard for digital label production. CMYK inks are just the beginning. Digital varnish, resin inks, white ink, and green and orange ink open the door to new possibilities. Your labels and flexible packaging will look amazing when printed on an Epson SurePress.

Epson SurePress Video Gallery

Learn more about Epson SurePress digital label presses by watching the videos below. If you have any questions or would like sample labels, contact us here at DuraFast Label Company and we’ll be happy to help.

Epson SurePress L-6034 video

Epson SurePress L-4533AW video

See How Other Companies are Putting Epson SurePress Digital Label Presses to Work

Epson SurePress label presses are making their mark in the manufacturing and packaging industries. Check out the following videos to see how other companies are using SurePress label presses to boost label production.

Best Label

Best Label made the switch to the Epson SurePress L-6034, saving the company both time and money.


It’s not just about producing high quality labels. Epson SurePress label presses use water-based inks. Watch the video below to see how SnugZ USA used an Epson SurePress to ensure a safer, more efficient environment for its team.

EAP Meziere

EAP Meziere in France added an Epson SurePress label press to its fleet and was so impressed that the SurePress now handles roughly half of all of the company’s print jobs. Watch the video below to learn more.

Print Online

Print Online, from Germany, shopped all the major label press brands before selecting the Epson SurePress. The SurePress won out as the perfect solution for printing wine bottle labels. Learn more about the deciding factors by watching the video below